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HSB Whistlestop for Partners

June 2020

We are here for our customers

HSB recognizes the difficulties our customers face during this time. We remain committed to serving our customers and are open for business. Whether you have a question about a policy, a bill, an inspection, or claim, we are fully staffed to meet your needs.

Don’t let remote employees expose your business to cyber risks

Home office

With millions of Americans working at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, the businesses that employ them are vulnerable to cyber attacks. It’s essential that companies take thoughtful risk management actions. This article outlines the exposures and ways to address them, including cyber security tips for home-based employees.

Protect your equipment after the flood

Sand bags in flood

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States, causing more than $1 billion in property damage every year. You also risk the loss of equipment, machinery and electrical systems, even when the water level has dropped. HSB engineers have prepared action steps to safely restore and operate equipment when recovering from a flood. 

Recent paid claim

Patient records breached in doctor’s office

Three external backup hard drives with the private personal records of 300 patients were stolen from a physician’s office. HSB helped pay to notify affected individuals and provided credit monitoring and other services.

Total Paid Loss: $10,500

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