HSB Whistlestop for Agents and Brokers

December 2020

HSB Total Cyber™ adds new coverages

Future loss avoidance, system failure and computer fraud

HSB Total Cyber™ insurance for small and mid-size businesses has added new coverages, including losses from unintended computer outages, system improvements to avoid future losses, enhanced financial fraud coverage and much more.

It’s easy to write business with HSB Cyber Quote

Person holding computer tablet

It’s easier than ever to protect your business clients with HSB’s comprehensive cyber coverage. Our new Cyber Quote online platform allows you to quote, rate, bind and issue HSB Total Cyber™ policies in minutes for your small and mid-size business customers.

HVAC systems should be part of your virus precautions

HVAC filter

Some people are concerned that HVAC systems could play a role in the transmission of airborne viruses. HSB engineers advise that ventilation with outside air and proper filtration are important safeguards. Continue reading for more tips and information.

Recent paid claim

Patient records compromised in doctor’s office

Three external backup hard drives with the private personal records of 300 patients were stolen from a physician’s office. HSB helped pay to notify affected individuals and provided credit monitoring and other services.

Total Paid Loss: $10,500

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