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The importance of jurisdictional inspections

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    Businesses of all types and sizes rely on boiler and pressure vessels behind the scenes. Whether they are small shops, midsized companies, large corporations or a mix of businesses across industries, they all share in common the need for jurisdictional inspections to comply with regulations that help ensure safe operation of this equipment.

    What is a jurisdictional inspection?

    Nearly all states and cities have requirements for the periodic inspection of boilers and pressure vessels. Codes vary from state to state, but generally, boilers and other pressure equipment must be inspected by commissioned inspectors at specified intervals for continued operation. For example, many jurisdictions require an annual internal and external inspection of high-pressure boilers. These inspections may include a visual assessment of conditions relating to materials, operating conditions, leaks, or corrosion, in addition to any other items required by law. Inspection ensures the equipment is being properly maintained and operated.

    What is a boiler or pressure vessel?

    Boilers are typically categorized as heating or process boilers, meaning they either provide heat or perform a specific process, such as producing steam for a dry cleaner. Pressure vessels are essentially storage tanks for liquid or gas under high pressure, usually more than 15 psi. Pressure vessels are often water tanks or heaters, but can also be commercial air tanks or autoclaves. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has a comprehensive list and established codes and standards when it comes to the design and maintenance of boilers and pressure vessels.

    Who is authorized to perform jurisdictional inspections?

    Jurisdictional inspections should be completed by certified inspectors. These inspectors must hold certification from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors (National Board) and also have a commission issued by the state.

    HSB takes these inspections seriously because we understand the destructive power of boilers and pressure vessels. HSB provides jurisdictional inspections of boilers and pressure vessels as a built-in benefit of all our Equipment Breakdown coverage programs.

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