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Discover the trends, meet the trendspotters.

Do you ever think about how global and national trends affect the equipment U.S. businesses rely on to operate? We do.

The trends

Climate change
Digital and connected world
Economic environment
Energy and decarbonization

At HSB, we are constantly thinking about ways to protect our customers and their businesses.

How? By looking for and researching trends that might have an impact down the line. We study the economy, energy and decarbonization, climate change, our digital and connected world, and more. You might even say our people are trendspotters - constantly keeping an eye out for the trends that might affect businesses, so you don’t have to.

Trendspotting, it's one more way HSB is working to protect our clients.

The trendspotters

Here come the trendspotters. Get ready to meet the people who spotted the trends and helped create solutions to mitigate the risks. Be it the proliferation of solar power, EV charging, or silent cyber exposures, we are dedicated to digging in and developing solutions. Watch this space to learn how they spotted the trend, the risks to business, and how HSB can help.       
Trendspotters - Digital and Connected World - Silent Cyber Risks
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Trendspotters - Digital and Connected World - 4th Industrial Revolution
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