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Farm Cyber Solutions

Protection for any size farm and farm families

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    Cyber crime is everywhere. Even lurking around today’s farms where farmers depend on high tech equipment, computers and electronic devices to more efficiently run their farms and homes.

    With this digital reliance comes new exposures to cybercriminals, some intent on crippling food production and striking at the heart of life.

    Support that keeps farmers growing

    HSB Farm Cyber can provide farmers of all sizes with the support and peace of mind they need to mitigate these growing cyber exposures and do what they do best: keep producing food and other farming byproducts America needs.

    With HSB Farm Cyber protection, farmers know they have the coverage they need to mitigate the risks, and the backroom support of cyber professionals who will be there in case they do fall victim to cyberattack. They can help them get back up and running quickly.

    Collecting data on humidity, temperature, illumination of acidity, fertilizers and pests without human intervention to increase the yield.

    Flexible, reliable, tailor-made for any farm

    HSB Farm Cyber can be customized to provide cost-effective protection for a family farm to a larger precision ag commercial operation. It can also provide protection for farm families’ personal cyber exposures.
    Family and small farms

    Protection for personal cyberattacks. It can provide coverage for:

    • Computer attack
    • Home systems attack
    • Data compromise
    • Cyber extortion
    • Online fraud
    • Identity recovery
    • Home title fraud

    Optional additional components include:

    • Cyber bullying
    • Social media income interruption
    • Data breach
    Mid- to large-size farms

    Protection for highly automated, large commercial operations that rely heavily on connected equipment, data and technology to run efficiently. 

    • Systems and data restoration
    • Cyber extortion
    • Data compromise
    • Business income
    • Misdirected payment fraud
    • Computer fraud
    • Extended income recovery
    • Future loss avoidance
    • Privacy incident liability
    • Network security liability
    • Electronic media liability 

    Why offer farm insureds HSB Farm Cyber?

    Flexible coverage
    It can provide coverage for everything from personal risks of the farm family to those of a hobbyist and mid-size farmer to the large commercial farm operations.
    Easy to sell
    It’s available as an endorsement to insurance companies that partner with HSB to offer coverage to their customers.
    It can be bundled
    It can be bundled with HSB’s Farm Equipment Breakdown Insurance, which covers repair or replacement to farm equipment that could be damaged by cyberattack.
    Peace of mind
    Farmers can do what they do best and keep growing knowing they have cyber experts working behind the scenes to hep them manage their cyber risks.

    Marketing materials

    Help lessen farmers’ cyber worries by having their backs with HSB Farm Cyber

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