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HSB AlertAssist™ Equipment Alert

Helping prevent costly equipment failure

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    HSB AlertAssist™ Equipment Alert is helping insureds take a more proactive approach to risk management by enabling them to prevent equipment failure and avoid the costly financial losses and business interruptions it causes.

    How HSB AlertAssist works

    As equipment continues to evolve, businesses are purchasing machine health monitoring services or equipment with monitors built in to flag them if potential equipment problems are spotted.

    AlertAssist enhances traditional Equipment Breakdown (EB) coverage. Unlike typical EB coverage, which can only begin when an accident or electronic circuitry impairment actually occurs, AlertAssist coverage can be triggered the moment an insured receives an alert from their monitoring system about an impending equipment failure. 

    What it covers

    AlertAssist coverage can help pay the alert response costs and preemptive repair costs. This includes troubleshooting costs for a technician to inspect the equipment and recommend a course of action. It can also help cover the costs to either fix or replace the equipment, so it no longer triggers an alert.

    Coverage highlights

    HSB AlertAssist:

    • Is included in the EB coverage at no charge
    • Pays 50% of alert response costs when monitored equipment triggers an alert
    • Has a per occurrence limit of $10k
    • Has no deductible
    See how HSB AlertAssist™ Equipment Alert can promote better risk management and cost control.
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