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Protect your long-term solar Investments
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Warranty Insurance

Protect your long-term solar investment

Planning security for PV manufacturers and investors

Even in turbulent times, the photovoltaic industry offers great opportunities. Yet, with rising material, energy and transport costs, high price pressure and constantly changing regulatory frameworks, manufacturers, investors and park owners alike are facing uncertainty and risks.

To remain competitive manufacturers need to convince their clients of their products’ long-term reliability. At the same time investors and park owners are often bearing the full risk for module performance jeopardising the overall long-term profitability of their solar investment. 

Check out in 140 seconds how you will benefit from our PV Warranty Insurance for up to 30 years.

PV Warranty Insurance helps your business grow

Benefits for manufacturers: 
  • Optimizes your liquidity and financial stability, even in case of underperformance or high warranty claims
  • Creates confidence in the performance of your products: insurance covers warranties for all modules for up to 30 years
  • Positions you as a reliable business partner and supports your sales efforts
  • Differentiates you from our competitors and provides great benefits for your customers
  • Improves bankability of your modules and establish you as tier 1 manufacturer
  • You are named as approved manufacturer on our PV Warranty Partner List 
Benefits for investors, developers and solar parks:  
  • Bankability of modules for more attractive financing terms
  • Additional quality assurance as insured modules have passed Munich Re technical due diligence
  • Long-term profitability of your solar investment
  • Protects you against insolvency and insufficient performance of the modules
  • Strategic planning security

Learn more about our Photovoltaic Warranty Insurance portfolio:

Our PV Warranty Insurances sunBasic, sunSure und sunSure+ are straightforward and effective: manufacturers protect their ability to pay excessive warranty claims on modules for a period of 25 years (up to 30 years for glass-glass modules). In the event of the manufacturer’s insolvency, the policy is seamlessly transferred to a registered buyer, ensuring that his warranty claims remain covered.
Benefit from our tailored solutions to your growth ambitions and your protection requirements
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The who´s who in PV panel manufacturing:
Munich Re`s PV Warranty Insurance Partners

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For your sustainable procurement this means:
  • A performance guarantee on modules insured by Munich Re
  • Protection against the insolvency of your module supplier
  • Bankability for more attractive financing terms
  • A network of independent research partners like
VDE Renewables, KIWA and Sinovoltaics:
  • A globally experienced and locally responsive team


Munich Re recommends that buyers request a Beneficiary Declaration Letter issued by Munich Re to confirm and verify that their PV modules have been registered (such a request can be made to the Warranty Partner).

Do you want to know more?

Our Top-Up Cover:
extra protection for investors and park developers

PV panel procurement becomes increasingly challenging and uncertain – that’s why for investors and park owners it’s crucial to have confidence that systems will operate safely, reliably and profitably for 30+ years in different climatic conditions around the world. If the manufacturer later becomes insolvent and the modules underperform, Munich Re’s Top-Up Cover will pay compensation directly to the investors with dedicated capacity allocated to an individual PV park.
Further improve the bankability of PV projects + increase their future transfer value
Limit of indemnity up to 100%
Tailored solutions to include risks such as costs of labor, transportation or loss of revenue
Julia Moser
We ensure that your PV project investment is still profitable two decades from now.
Julia Moser
Product Lead Photovoltaics

Whitepaper: Learn how linking quality assurance and insurance can bridge the certainty gap

It's crucial for investors and park owners to trust, that PV systems will operate safely, reliably and profitably for 30+ years. Long-term performance guarantees with tailor-made insurance solutions are aiming to strengthen the necessary confidence of the banking, finance and insurance sectors in solar investments.
Download our free whitepaper and learn how linking quality assurance and insurance can bridge the certainty gap.
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