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Insurance and risk transfer solutions for captives
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Insurance and risk transfer solutions for captives

Munich Re offers comprehensive risk protection and other customized solutions for your captive.

Comprehensive risk protection and customised solutions for captives

Captives stand out as an intelligent option for risk management. Offering insurance and risk transfer solutions, they remain a valuable mainstay for addressing self-insured interests.

Munich Re is committed to helping captives take advantage of every opportunity as well as tackle every challenge along the whole value chain. In the face of emerging risks, we support captives to adjust and grow. We ensure future success by expertly managing recent compliance regulations as well as new risk models like cyber and reputation. By meeting the needs of diversification, we offer an efficient way to steer a captive that focuses on profitability. By understanding the further challenge of remaining relevant for its group, we also provide captives with the solutions needed to meet this goal.

Your challenges, our solutions

105 captives with direct reinsurance relationship

In the highly dynamic industries of today, optimal captive insurance solutions require the right partnership. From regulatory changes to emerging risks, Munich Re has the expertise of long-term partnerships with single-parent captives. Additionally, with over 50 dedicated NatCat

experts on hand as well as access to our NatCatService analytic global database, we maintain in-depth know-how regarding property risks from natural disasters. This ensures that we offer tailored solutions along the whole value chain with the capacity to back it up.

  • Property (including NatCat stand-alone)
  • Energy (Oil & Gas and Mining – open Pit / Underground)
  • Liability (e.g. product liability, recall and environmental liability)
  • Financial lines (e.g. D&O, E&O, professional indemnity, crime)
  • Complex aggregate XLs and multi-line/multiyear solutions
  • Engineering (e.g. construction and operational power)
  • Access to dedicated experts in areas such as Marine, Fleet Motor business, employee benefits and more

Risk landscapes are becoming more and more complex and dynamic. Also, business resilience and your future depend more on intangibles and third parties than your own physical assets. Such dependencies and their inherent risks need to be identified, assessed and clearly addressed by adequate risk management measures. Based on close collaboration with you and backed by Munich Re’s expertise and data, we can help you to effectively transfer such individual risks. 

We bring to the table:
  • Access to emerging risk think tank with support from over 20 specialists
  • Internal and external quantitative monitoring of individual risks in industry-specific ecosystems
  • Intelligence database to identify and verify the causal chains of emerging risks
  • Expertise in the language of regulation and compliance (incl. GDPR, US data-breach notifications, PDPA, etc.)

When disaster strikes, you need a cover for your captive that acts immediately. Our OneCat concept offers a payout process based on parametric triggers. It delivers when organisations need their insurance claims to be settled quickly and transparently in order to avoid cash flow problems.

OneCat provides comprehensive response to natural catastrophes with two specialised covers:
  • OneStorm, a comprehensive and rapid response to tropical cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons
  • OneQuake, parametric trigger cover specifically designed for seismic events 

Many businesses are unaware of how much their reinsurer can do for them. We go beyond traditional reinsurance. We meet solvency requirements head-on, by offering alternative risk transfer solutions that increase your captive’s ability to improve capital management, earnings smoothing, and capital strengthening. Working closely with our clients, we deliver results that are highly flexible and include turnkey packages that optimise capital management. We offer an ever-expanding array of collaborative solutions and covers. 

  • Redeployment of risk-bearing capital from dormant run-off portfolios
  • Regulatory and event-driven solutions
  • KPI optimisation by enhancing retention and structures as well as gaining business plan protection in distressed situations
  • Retrospective covers, Complex Aggregate XLs and multi-year solutions

In addition, together with our ALM experts, we provide an ALM consulting service based on Munich Re’s own liability driven investment process. This helps clients use their risk capital in the most efficient way by optimising their asset allocation based on and in line with their liabilities.

Nathan users worldwide

Oftentimes, an organisation has difficulty seeing the whole picture which hinders making an informed decision followed by quick actions when time is of the essence. We provide you comprehensive business insights by offering you agile and tailor-made risk management solutions. We empower your organisation with a holistic set of risk solutions based on location, climate, business and regulations. With access to our unique tools and experts, companies benefit from an entire toolbox of benefits at their disposal.

  • Access NATHAN and assess natural hazards around the world in order to enhance your portfolio and claims management
  • Get geological analytic feedback vital to your exact locations with M.IN.D., our interactive portfolio manager
  • NatCatService archive provides the perfect risk management and research tool for natural catastrophe assessments
  • Streamline staff with our Compliance Web software solution for GDPR company compliance made easy

Companies around the globe are exposed to everyday weather anomalies impacting their revenues. Weather-index-linked covers have grown to become an important risk management tool in many industries to manage the weather-driven volatility and provide more budget certainty. Our weather-related solutions go beyond just commodity-linked industries like energy and agriculture but span all sectors that may be financially impacted by volatile weather including retail, entertainment, tourism, construction and more. With our data and analytics, we can support clients in identifying their weather exposure and help structuring tailor-made risk management solutions.

  • Traditional weather products that can cover multi-year, annual, seasonal, accumulating risks or critical days (in winter and summer) depending on the specific risk profile
  • Renewable product lines include solutions for wind, solar and hydro assets
  • Covering excess costs for construction companies related to weather driven delays
  • Our solutions can be structured as both insurance and derivative

Your benefits in a nutshell

We have been competently reinsuring single-parent captives for over 20 years. We are dedicated to long-term partnerships that deliver commitment, even in stormy times.
Net capacity
We provide significant and risk adequate net capacity backed by the financial strength of Munich Re Group and offer experience in structuring captive protection schemes.
Customised solutions
A collaborative approach that really fits your needs, we underwrite bespoke solutions even for emerging risks.
Experienced claims processes
Trust our best in class claims reputation.
Significant industry and risk expertise
We have a long history in risk transfer solutions across all relevant lines of business including connected industry.

Tools and services