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Spectrum of reinsurnace services - Munich Re

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Spectrum of reinsurance services

Munich Re’s services range from traditional reinsurance, comprehensive services and consulting to complex risk solutions, covering the entire value chain of the global insurance industry in life and non-life business. As a strong and competent financial partner, we support our clients in resolving all balance sheet management issues. In primary insurance, Risk Solutions provides a vast offering for industrial and major clients.

Reinsurance Non Life - Munich Re

Non-Life reinsurance

We help our clients succeed by offering reinsurance solutions, analysis and consulting services as well as software tools in areas ranging from casualty to property business down to special fields such as marine and aviation, the coverage of financial risks and risk transfer to the capital markets.

Reinsurance Life - Munich Re

Life reinsurance

Medical advances, demographic trends and changing lifestyles are constantly posing new challenges for the life insurance industry. Business models need to be adjusted continuously and processes improved. Our Life division supports you and helps you devise tailor-made solutions.

Reinsurance Health - Munich Re

Health solutions

Based on our unique, integrated focus on risk carrying and risk management in health, Munich Health -- one of three business segments within Munich Re -- delivers individual, sustainable solutions. The special combination of resources we offer enables our clients to achieve success and security in their respective markets.

Risk Solutions - Munich Re

Risk solutions

Through our Risk Solutions units, we offer tailor-made insurance solutions for corporate clients and industrial firms.

Claims - Munich Re


Claims covers the full spectrum of claims management across all classes. This is ensured by over 300 employees with insurance, legal, medical, and technical expertise.


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