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Empowering Efficient Portfolio Management

Our unique approach to Portfolio Management enables your business decisions

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    Steering your in-force portfolio has never been more challenging – we can help

    In today's dynamic insurance market, making informed decisions about the written book of business has become increasingly challenging. Factors such as inflation and the long-term impacts of climate change have added complexity to defining a sustainable direct insurance market offering. At Insurance Consulting, we appreciate the significance of delivering concise and timely insights to decision-makers, ensuring they are equipped with the essential information from extensive data sources. Our aim is to enable effective portfolio management by providing the crucial, distilled insights necessary for informed decision-making.

    Our approach goes beyond traditional methods, leveraging our proprietary data and industry expertise to enrich your existing information. By combining your data with relevant market sources and advanced exposure evaluation metrics, our Portfolio Management framework generates concise and actionable guidance tailored to the individual needs of decision-makers within your organization, particularly effective for short-tail businesses.

    Through our framework, we uncover both threats and opportunities that are essential for defining your book of business. This holistic perspective enhances critical processes such as strategy formulation, business planning, enterprise risk management (ERM), and capital management. By consistently integrating relevant data and insights into these processes, we enable your organization to make more informed, efficient, and business-driven decisions.

    Our advanced geospatial techniques allow us to highlight even smaller risk concentrations, empowering you to effectively manage potential imbalances. By aligning these insights with your company's defined risk preferences and tolerances, we help you proactively mitigate risks and optimize your portfolio's performance. Ultimately, our approach enables better strategic and tactical business decisions, ensuring the successful achievement of your critical targets while minimizing the impact of unforeseen surprises.

    Insurance Consulting is committed to helping insurance companies harness the power of data and expertise to unlock valuable insights and drive sustainable portfolio management. Partner with us in navigating the evolving insurance landscape, enhancing decision-making processes, and achieving your long-term business goals.

    Our Portfolio Management approach

    At Insurance Consulting, we understand that effective Portfolio Management requires a bespoke approach. We partner with you to build a customized framework that aligns with your unique business goals, market dynamics, and risk preferences. Our tailored solution ensures maximal impact by integrating seamlessly into your processes, providing valuable insights, and driving informed decision-making. With our industry expertise and collaborative approach, we partner with you to build a framework that optimizes your portfolio management efforts. 

    Together, we unlock significant business impact, enabling sustainable growth and success. Partner with Insurance Consulting to gain excellence for your portfolio management needs.

    Efficiently leveraging market data is paramount in today's competitive landscape. Insurance Consulting understands the value and limitations of various data sources, helping you identify the most valuable ones aligned with your business targets. Our expertise in advanced matching techniques enables the integration of external data with your internal datasets in order to unlock the full potential of market data in uncovering opportunities, such as those driven by socio-economic trends.

    Partner with Insurance Consulting to improve decision quality, optimizing data utilization, and driving sustainable growth. Together, we harness the power of market data for maximum impact.

    Expert risk evaluations, backed by natural catastrophe simulation tools, have long been foundational in insurance. As a leading provider of Risk Scores, Munich Re is widely trusted for understanding and managing various natural catastrophe risks in the industry.

    Within our framework, we leverage expert evaluations and combine them with innovative methodologies to comprehend and control natural catastrophe exposure levels and aggregation potential. Our approach allows flexible focus: optimizing for performance through focusing on lower return periods, but also managing solvency through focusing on extreme years. By integrating KPIs that drive your capital requirements, we provide a comprehensive view of aggregation impact. This empowers effective portfolio management within stakeholder limits, enabling the attainment of critical business targets.

    Partner with Insurance Consulting to unlock unparalleled insights, navigate complexities, and optimize your portfolio management strategies for sustainable success.

    At Insurance Consulting, we recognize that the value of Portfolio Management lies in making better business decisions. To achieve this, a tool is tailored to streamline portfolio management processes and cater to stakeholders' specific needs. This customizable tool enables enhanced collaboration, data analysis, and actionable insights, optimizing decision-making across functions such as strategy, planning, risk management, and capital allocation. 

    Partner with Insurance Consulting to unlock your portfolio´s full potential, driving business efficiency, consistency, and success in portfolio management.

    In our framework, expert evaluations of climate change impact are seamlessly integrated. We support the main industry standard scenarios, giving you the flexibility to define a lead scenario as the basis for management decisions. Additionally, our framework allows for the integration of other anticipated future developments, such as socio-economic trends. By considering future exposures and market conditions, we enable proactive portfolio management aligned with long-term strategic thinking. This is particularly crucial in the insurance industry, where implementing strategy changes incurs significant lead times and costs.

    Partner with Insurance Consulting to navigate mid- and long-term perspectives, actively consider climate change, and drive sustainable success in portfolio management.

    Insurance Consulting goes beyond traditional reinsurance activity

    Our aim is to support the entire spectrum of the insurance industry, from insurtech to mature companies.  Insurance Consulting defines ways to improve existing businesses and identify value-adding supplements to current insurance portfolios. As an experienced sparring partner, we can provide support with many of the strategic decisions that need to be made in an insurance operation. For example, we identify the right markets, including niche markets, and the most suitable lines of business.

    Client seminars - Aspects of insurance Portfolio Management

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    Contact our experts
    Kaare Rasmussen
    Kaare Rasmussen
    Principal, Insurance Consulting
    Kaare Rasmussen, MSc., BSc., CPCU is a Principal within Insurance Consulting leading the commercial property propositions. Kaare has more than 20 years of market experience working in senior actuarial and business roles including Head of Pricing, Chief Actuary and Head of Portfolio Management in non-life insurance and reinsurance carriers within the continental European, London, Lloyd’s and US markets. Kaare joined Munich Re in 2021 and is advising clients on pricing, portfolio management and steering amongst other. He holds a Master of Science in Actuarial Mathematics (Cand.Act.), Bachelor of Science in Economics and Commercial Law (HA-Jur.) and is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Actuaries and member of the Danish Actuarial Association and is a Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter.
    Rudi Visser
    Rudi Visser
    Senior Engagement Manager, Insurance Consulting
    Rudi Visser, FASSA, CFA, BSc. has more than 13 years of experience in P&C insurance, private equity and consulting, with the insurance experience focused on pricing, reserving & capital management. Since he joined Munich Re in 2020, he has advised and steered clients on their current portfolios, entering new lines of business as well as expanding into new markets. Before joining Munich Re, Rudi had stints as Chief Actuary and senior pricing analyst at Zurich South Africa as well as an investment professional at a global PE firm. He is a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa, a CFA charterholder and holds a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Actuarial Science (cum laude).

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