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From convective storms to flood: The growing impact of secondary insurance perils
While natural catastrophes such as hurricanes and earthquakes grab all the headlines, secondary perils including flood, convective storms and wildfires lurk in the shadows, posing significant threats to businesses and individuals alike.
From convective storms to flood: The growing impact of secondary insurance perils
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    In a one-hour AM Best webinar sponsored by Munich Re US, an expert panel will unravel the complexities of secondary perils (also known as non-peak perils), exploring their nature, impact, and mitigation strategies.

    Key Points Covered:

    • Defining Secondary Insurance Perils: Discover what constitutes secondary perils and how they differ from primary risks.
    • Identifying Secondary Perils: Explore a range of secondary perils commonly encountered.
    • Impact on Insurance Coverage: Understand how secondary perils can impact insurance coverage and claims processes.
    • Mitigation Strategies: Learn proactive approaches to mitigate the risks posed by secondary perils and safeguard your assets.
    • Lessons Learned: Gain valuable insights from real-world examples illustrating the consequences of overlooking secondary perils.


    • Tehya Duckworth, SVP/Property Underwriting Manager, Munich Re US
    • Joe Bonanno, SVP/E&S Property Underwriting Manager - Northeast and Midwest, Munich Re Specialty Insurance
    • Sean Kevelighan, CEO, Insurance Information Institute

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    Tehya Duckworth
    Tehya Duckworth
    SVP/Property Underwriting Manager
    Munich Re US
    Bonanno Joseph
    Joseph Bonanno
    SVP/E&S Property Underwriting Manager - Northeast and Midwest
    Munich Re Specialty Insurance


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