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    Your success is our success

    Reinsurance buyers and brokers choose Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. for a client-centered and solution-oriented approach. As part of the world's preeminent insurance and reinsurance brand, we are able to provide each customer with scalable products and responsive service.

    Our risk experts consult with you to assemble the right mix of solutions that will help you stay competitive in the industry and better protect your customers—including traditional reinsurance coverages, niche and specialty products, advanced risk transfer pricing tools, and many additional capabilities available through the Munich Re Group.

    Catastrophe Exposure Management

    Our Risk Accumulation Department oversees the catastrophe risk management function for Munich Re's U.S. operations. We are responsible for monitoring all property and workers compensation accumulations for both natural and non-natural perils, as well as handling all technical and scientific catastrophe risk modeling. Our geoscience experts evaluate commercially available models and provide technical expertise related to natural catastrophe underwriting and accumulations issues. This includes gaining and sharing knowledge about various scientific topics (i.e. climate change, natural perils, catastrophe modeling) through educational seminars.

    Claims Services

    Our claims team works in close partnership with you to deliver reliable claims management services. With various challenges in the current market environment, Munich Re’s claims division is a valued partner in the industry. Our experts average over 20 years of experience managing and resolving claims issues.

    • Managing catastrophic injury claims proactively
    • Providing valuable expertise in environmental and mass torts claim management
    • Reviewing policy language
    • Resolving coverage issues
    • Evaluating the adequacy of your reserves
    • Improving settlement evaluation and negotiation processes
    • Enhancing effectiveness of a claims unit through due diligence reviews, claims and operational audits and similar activities
    • Analyzing treaty commutation claims
    • Providing consulting services and seminars in the areas of casualty claims, construction defects claim management, developing exposures, environmental and mass torts claim management and more
    • Hosting clients for learning, collaboration and networking opportunities through our annual Claims Executive Conference

    Underwriting Reviews

    Munich Re's underwriting team is a valuable resource for comprehensive analysis of your underwriting operations, from identifying growth in new markets or specialized lines to managing undesirable loss ratios and more. Holding professional designations such as CPCU, ARM, FCAS, and Are, our underwriters are thoroughly familiar with the underwriting, marketing and loss control operations of all types of insurance entities.

    • Underwriting reviews and advisory services
    • Underwriting bulletins, guidelines and management information reports
    • Form/program reviews
    • Underwriting training seminars, including custom training classes (e.g. contractor underwriting and emerging exposures) and webinars
    • Custom solutions

    Transactional Reviews

    Reinsurance accounting and reporting requirements can be difficult to manage, and it is not unprecedented that errors and omissions may occur in the administration of the reinsurance agreement. Errors and omissions that remain undiscovered for a period of time (i.e. spanning more than one calendar year) can have a destabilizing effect on the ceding company’s net underwriting results.

    The design, implementation and testing of controls requires a deep understanding of reinsurance. Munich Re’s professional Account Services team follows a systematic approach to evaluating the relevant transactions.

    • Reviewing the terms and conditions of the subject reinsurance contracts
    • Obtaining the direct and ceded data pertaining to the contracts
    • Reconciling the ceded data to the summary reinsurance reports previously issued by the ceding company
    • Employing computer assisted analytical procedures to reconcile the ceded transactional data to the direct transactional data to identify any omissions from the ceded data as well as any inconsistencies between the ceded premium and loss transactions
    • Conducting an in-depth analysis of any anomalies, which may require a review of documents contained in policy files and claim files

    Treaty Reinsurance

    Ambitious growth calls for a reliable partner with forward-looking solutions. Our financial strength, broad risk appetite, comprehensive reinsurance knowledge, and access to many specialized products provide opportunities for you to strengthen your position in your market. Whether you operate in the admitted or non-admitted market, Munich Re has solutions that span the personal, commercial and specialty lines markets.

    Strategic Climate Solutions

    Munich Re addresses emerging risks and fills coverage gaps with innovative solutions. We are able to develop and deliver a wide suite of products with full implementation including forms, setup, training, marketing, and 100 percent reinsurance support.

    Cyber Risk

    We support primary insurers looking to enter and expand their capabilities in the growing cyber market with industry standardized cyber reinsurance to integrate with their offerings.
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