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    Closing the climate protection gap is becoming increasingly important across all sectors—private and public. Escalation in climate-related catastrophes is a trend that is impacting individuals and businesses, as well as municipalities. Many public entities are at greater risk than ever, with exposures including wildfire and flooding continuing to increase.

    Protection solutions from a market leader

    Munich Re US has decades of expertise in climate risk and is committed to educating stakeholders on the importance of increasing resilience through risk mitigation, including infrastructure planning and promoting building standards. We also help clients find effective, customized risk transfer solutions. Our solutions include:

    Community flood insurance

    • Provides a comprehensive solution for a community
    • Combines an insurance solution with mitigation specific to the community
    • Encourages mitigation planning for the community
    • Includes risk adequate premium 

    Resilience risk transfer using nature-based solutions

    • Creates a unique solution for local, state, and federal governments by focusing on nature-based methods to transfer risk and to increase the resilience of communities
    • Encourages the use of natural infrastructure for mitigation
    • Incorporates the full benefit and partial cost of mitigation within a multi-year, risk transfer framework  
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    Risk pools

    • Provide better financial cushioning against the consequences of natural disasters
    • Encourage partnerships between governments, organizations, and the insurance industry
    • Support indemnity and parametric insurance covers against weather-related risks
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    Raghuveer Vinukollu
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