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The future is uncharted

With data breaches and ransomware attacks constantly in the news, organizations are seeking cyber insurance to mitigate the many unknown risks of doing business in the digital age. Awarded Cyber Reinsurer of the Year by Advisen, Munich Re supports primary insurers looking to enter and expand their capabilities in this growing market with customized cyber reinsurance to integrate with your offerings.
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The need is vast. We're here to guide you

Recent years have brought some of the largest and most scrutinized data breaches in history, resulting in billions of records lost, exposed or compromised. As businesses and consumers alike become more aware of the risks associated with cyber attacks, enterprise demand for cyber insurance continues to rise. Munich Re provides insurers with:

  • Cyber security expertise
  • Reinsurance capacity
  • Cyber Underwriting and Claims training
  • Actuarial Support
  • Accumulation consultation
  • Risk management portal
  • Post-breach third party vendors

We help bolster cyber resilience along the entire value chain by offering access to pre- and post-incident products and services businesses need to sidestep risks, nimbly respond when breaches occur, and get back on track after time and money are lost to cyber crime.

Are your clients covered?

  • Cyber Liability
  • Regulatory Proceedings
  • Technology E&O
  • Data Replacement and Restoration
  • Extortion Threats
  • Breach Response Services
  • Business Interruption

Forge ahead with confidence and flexibility.

Munich Re allows insurers to share a portion of the risk upfront, enabling them to specialize and grow. Backed by over 100 years of reinsurance experience, we are the only reinsurer delivering this combination of standardization and flexibility.

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Annamaria Landaverde
Annamaria Landaverde
Cyber Practice Lead, Munich Re US
Colette Fearon
Colette Fearon
Cyber Underwriter, Munich Re US
Roopesh Shah
Roopesh Shah
Cyber Security Expert / Underwriter, Munich Re US
Paul Needle
Paul Needle
Senior Cyber Underwriter, Munich Re US
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