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E&S Property Coverage

Coverage for today's complex risks

As part of our Excess & Surplus offering, Munich Re Specialty Insurance delivers commercial property coverage for unique, hard-to-place risks in North America. Our broad risk appetite and underwriting expertise allows us to offer a broad array of insurance solutions for everyday commercial risks as well as disaster-related impacts. We also have the capability to respond quickly, creatively, and flexibly to market cycles.

Coverage Details

  • Specifically tailored for individual risks
  • Forms: ISO-based and manuscript
  • $25MM capacity per risk
  • $10K minimum AOP deductible
  • $25K minimum flood / earthquake deductible in each occurrence
  • $25K minimum premium
  • $500MM maximum total account insured value
  • Coverage enhancement and broadening forms available
  • Monoline flood / earthquake and DIC coverage
  • Coverage available for town protection classes 7-10
  • Shared and layered capacity
  • Deductible buyback coverage
  • Policies available: 100% ground up, primary, quota share and excess
  • Exclusions: fronting, reinsurance of captives or risk pools, facultative reinsurance

E&S coverage is available through our select broker distribution network.

Target Classes

Commercial real estate
Vacant and unprotected properties

Excess only for habitational risks, food production / processing, woodworker / sawmill

Excluded classes: dealers open lot, stock throughput, ocean or inland marine, builders risk, cannabis, pharma, primary habitational of frame construction, chemical blending, petrochemicals, crop growing, energy production, fertilizer manufacturing / distribution / storage, livestock, flammable liquid workers

Claims scenarios

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A shipyard located in an evacuation zone was required to move some of their sensitive equipment in preparation for an imminent storm. Because the company had comprehensive property insurance tailored to its needs, they had complete insurance coverage for the relocation of the equipment.

A hotel was destroyed by a hurricane. Since the hotel had property insurance, they were covered for loss of business income and cost to remove debris and rebuild, as well as cost to replace damaged business equipment.

Download our Property Product overview for more information.

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Munich Re Specialty Insurance (MRSI) is a description for the insurance business operations of affiliated companies in the Munich Re Group that share a common directive to offer and deliver specialty property and casualty insurance products and services in North America. Products for the E&S Property Coverage are underwritten by The Princeton Excess & Surplus Lines Insurance Company (PESLIC), an affiliate of Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. PESLIC is a surplus lines insurer and surplus lines coverage can only be placed by or through a licensed surplus lines producer or broker. The information contained herein is intended for surplus lines brokers and producers. It also is intended as general information only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of insurance. Any inquiries concerning the E&S Property Coverage should be directed through a licensed surplus lines producer or broker. Any descriptions of coverage contained in this information sheet are meant to be general in nature, may not be available in every state, may vary by state, and do not include nor are intended to include all of the actual terms, benefits, and limitations found in an insurance policy. The insurance policy and not this information sheet will form the contract between the parties thereto, and will govern in all cases. For more information regarding PESLIC as required by insurance statutes, please go to

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