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How to report a claim

HSB's Claims Value Proposition

For more than 150 years, Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) has been recognized as the leader of equipment breakdown claims adjustment excellence.

As HSB’s product offerings have expanded to include many types of personal and specialty lines insurance, so too has our claims expertise. The ongoing involvement by HSB Claims in product development to address new risks puts us in a strong position to understand the insureds’ needs and to develop effective claim practices.

Our goal in HSB Claims remains simple - to restore the customer back to the position they were in before the loss. The credibility we have earned through the years can be depended on to provide exceptional service and expert claims management – every customer, every claim, every time.

To achieve that goal, HSB upholds its Claims Value Proposition, which is based on the following principles:

  • Customer Experience: Delivering a best in class claim experience every time.
  • Relationship Management: Fostering long term partnerships and reinforcing values.
  • Claims Expertise: Exhibiting expert skills in claims adjudication and product knowledge.

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