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Vertical Transportation Services

From disabled access surveys to witness testing, and reviews of incumbent lift service providers to full project management solutions for lift and escalator installation projects, we have eight vertical transportation modules which are focused on providing our customers with improved engineering efficiencies, financial savings and assistance with regulatory compliance.

Our impartial, independent engineering consultancy services can help to ensure our customers' installations meet all necessary design and industry regulatory standards.

Our lift and escalator inspection
portfolio across the UK & Ireland

Our Services

Lifts and escalators play a vital role within buildings. They can, however, often be one of the most costly parts of a building, with rising component costs and an aged proportion of older lifts and escalators installed.

The scope of our service provides an impartial lift and escalator condition survey (also known as a ‘full condition survey’). The technical audit will provide customers with a detailed, impartial condition report which identifies all technical areas of the installed system. Focused on component condition (e.g. motor, gearbox, controller), wear rates, identification of underlying faults and poor performance, and projected life expectancy of critical components (including provision of an 'asset life plan'), our report will enable future financial planning and identify potential financial impacts that are expected in the coming years.

  • Assistance in achieving compliance with applicable legislation
  • Reduced risk of accidents and potential liability claims
  • Advice on financial exposure and obsolescence of key components
  • Life cycle costing and future forecastings associated with running costs
  • Increased efficiency and less downtime, which can lead to cost savings
  • Clear understandable advice, enabling customers to successfully manage their lifts and escalators


Case Study

A care provider was informed by their lift service company that their current lift was in need of replacement at the cost of £120k. A full independent review of the lift installation was carried out by our in-house engineering consultant and it was determined that only the motor, gearbox and controller required replacement. Our customer realised a cost saving of £95k.

With the rising cost of maintenance activities and the complexity of contracts, looking after a lift or escalator whilst at the same time fulfilling responsibilities as a duty holder can be a heavy financial burden.      

The scope of our maintenance audit is to offer an impartial technical audit of the maintenance regime and activities associated with an in-service lift/escalator. The audit will scrutinise the maintenance activities supplied by a lift/escalator service provider to either confirm compliance with the maintenance contract or identify shortfalls where appropriate. Where service falls short of the service agreement, there is the option to include maintenance management of the lift service company. The audit will also identify where maintenance may be excessive and if financial savings could be realised with no impact on safety or condition.

Our service will also make recommendations if any other shortfalls are identified (e.g. health and safety, disabled access) and advise if further surveys are required. 

Service Features
  • Confirmation of compliance to applicable regulations
  • Retrofit options to existing equipment
  • Full assessment of installation to highlight shortfalls in comparison to current build standard
  • Highlight new industry products with improved benefits
  • Duty holders meet their responsibilities under PUWER and LOLER
  • Added safety for engineers and other personnel working on the equipment
  • Ensures added safety features for passengers are provided for, resulting in reduced risk of accidents, potential claims and downtime
  • Clear, understandable advice that helps our customers successfully manage their lifts and escalators

Case Study

A large shopping centre requested a maintenance audit on a portfolio of nine lifts and two escalators. After our full independent review of the maintenance activities and documentation, we determined that the customer's incumbent lift service provider was in breach of their maintenance contract as they were contracted to attend each asset twelve times per year but had only attended eight times. Using the report, the customer successfully received a refund of £4,840.00.
The purpose of the project management module is for HSB-EISL to offer a high quality Witness testing and snagging consultancy in the field of Vertical Transportation Consultancy. This module will utilise in house technical expertise to asses the end of defects liability period (also known as ‘ rectification period’.
The purpose of this examination is to identify outstanding defects or shortfalls that would prevent the lift being handed over as ‘Complete’ to the client. Typically carried out along side the Initial thorough examination and commissioing process the pre hand over survey offers the client a detailed impartial verification that the VT system is of a satisfactory standard to enable hand over to the client.
This model will utilise in house technical expertise to asses the end of defects liability period (also known as ‘ rectification period’) The defects liability period is triggered by the issue of a completion certificate and typically last for 12 months although this can differ depending on contract type.
The purpose of the project management module is for HSB-EISL to offer a high quality Project Management consultancy in the field of Vertical Transportation Consultancy.
The scope of this audit is to assess a exsisting installtion of a elevator or escalator for Health and Safety shortfalls under BS EN 115-1 for escalators and BS EN 81-20 for lifts. the service details any improvements that are required to achieve compliance with the applicable standard.
The service is to review the current health and safety management system arrangements for a client and to assist in either the transition from OHSAS18001 to ISO45001, or to assist in the development of systems and procedures to enable an organisation to seek accreditation to ISO45001:2018.A examination under the Equalitys Act previously known as DDA (Disability and Discrimination Act) surveys. The purpose of this audit is to make a independant assessment of the physical environment of a VT system. The audit is carried out by assessing all points of interaction and environmental elements encountered by a disabled service user, colleague or visitor while utilising that VT system.

Why choose HSB?

  • We are a leading specialist provider of engineering and technology inspection and insurance services in the UK and Ireland
  • Proactive inspection service carried out by a network of competent, technically-experienced Engineer Surveyors located throughout the UK and Ireland
  • Inspection services accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service)
  • We provide a single point of contact for our customers’ convenience, enabling us to be responsive to our customers’ needs [TBC]
  • UK-based arm of HSB Group, the equipment breakdown insurance and inspection market leader since 1866
  • Part of Munich Re, a world leader in risk solutions, consistent risk management and financial stability
  • We are a member of the Institute of Customer Service, demonstrating our commitment to continually improving customer service performance and professionalism

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