HSB and Gallagher
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HSB and Gallagher
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    We're proud of the collaborative working relationship we have with Gallagher.

    Below, we highlight some examples of how we've supported your growth plans.

    "Following receipt of a new business enquiry from one of Gallagher's Corporate Account Handlers, I promptly responded with a list of information we would need in order to provide terms. The Account Handler responded to me the following day, providing all of the information he could at that stage.

    During the early stages of quoting, we discussed target premiums, deadlines, if he had shown the risk to other markets, and if they’d received terms from anyone else.

    I made it clear from the outset that HSB were very much interested in the risk, and that we wanted to work closely with Gallagher to offer our best terms to the customer. He told me from the outset that HSB had been the most responsive so far.

    We maintained constant communication throughout the process, cementing the great collaborative relationship we have with Gallagher. As a result, HSB were awarded the risk. We were also given opportunity to quote for an existing annual Contractors’ All Risks account."

    HSB Underwriter

    HSB accepted an invitation from Gallagher to tender for new inspection service business involving a housing association customer. For this particular tender, the process was coordinated by a consultant, not the customer; which effectively meant we were extending our tender presentation to an independent fourth party.

    Following our presentation, the feedback we received from the consultant was exemplary, noting HSB as being "…extremely knowledgeable, passionate, sincere, and able to confidently answer their questions". As a result, the contract was awarded to HSB.


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