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Insurance Products

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  • HSB Construction All Risks Insurance (annual or project) | Provides comprehensive cover for construction, buildings and civil engineering projects
  • HSB Contractors' Plant Insurance (owned or hired-in) | Provides protection for unforeseen loss or damage to construction plant and equipment

Our construction products are also available to you via the Acturis e-trading platform; enabling you to quote and bind cover, process mid-term adjustments and obtain renewal terms with ease.

HSB Computer Insurance | A commercial product designed specifically to offer protection for computer-related risks.

The policy is split into four sections of cover, providing customers with the flexibility to choose the level of cover they need.

HSB Computer Insurance is also available to you on Acturis, or via our extranet trading system; enabling you to quote and bind policies with ease.

HSB Cyber Insurance | A computer, data and cyber insurance policy all in one; providing comprehensive cover for small and medium-sized businesses. With six sections of cover available, our policy is designed to offer protection from cyber risks which could be damaging to a business and its reputation, such as data recovery following a hardware failure or full scale data breach.
HSB Cyber Insurance
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  • HSB Machinery and Technology Insurance | An equipment breakdown and damage, deterioration of stock, and business interruption policy all in one.
  • HSB Machinery and Technology Combined | An equipment breakdown and damage, deterioration of stock and loss of business income insurance policy which also includes inspection services.
HSB Machinery and Technology Insurance
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  • HSB Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance | A policy covering damage caused by an inherent defect in insured property that existed prior to its practical completion.
HSB Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance
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HSB Energy Efficiency Insurance | Designed for investors in energy conservation measures, Energy Service Companies and those financing energy saving projects.
HSB Energy Efficiency Insurance
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