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Our Hydrogen Solutions experts can help mitigate areas of risk throughout your supply chain by working directly with your supply management team and your vendors to identify any potential gaps that could impact your schedule and create delays. As a global company, HSB’s strategically stationed inspectors can help identify areas of concern within your supply chain before they escalate to a delay in shipment. 

Risk mitigation strategies may include:

  • Conducting regular inspections and audits at vendor locations
  • Verify vendor quality systems are properly implemented to minimize rework
  • Suggesting best practices within your supply chain to eliminate or minimize potential delays
  • Witness material testing and verify proper material traceability
  • Verify vendor implementation of any required contractual requirements, quality procedures, safety procedures, and industry standards
  • Continuously monitoring and evaluating the performance of the implemented HSB Hydrogen Solutions

By identifying and addressing potential risks within the supply chain, HSB’s Hydrogen Solutions risk mitigation can help support a timely delivery of your hydrogen equipment and systems.

With HSB’s Hydrogen Solutions we help you ensure your hydrogen projects are safe, reliable, and meet established industry standards and regulations.

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