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Our Hydrogen Solutions experts, working directly with your team, will develop a specific Conformity Assessment scheme for your equipment to ensure it meets established safety, performance, and regulatory standards. This process typically involves creating an Inspection Test Plan (ITP), along with performing Third Party Inspections (TPI) for individual components to entire systems. HSB can perform the testing and evaluation of hydrogen storage, transportation, dispensing systems, as well as hydrogen-powered equipment and vehicles.

The goal of a conformity assessment is to ensure that the hydrogen components, systems, and related equipment are safe, reliable, and compliant with established standards and regulations. Upon the successful completion of final inspection, HSB will provide you with an inspection test certificate for your equipment indicating it meets the established standards.

Conformity Assessment services may include:

  • Developing ITPs
  • Performing independent TPIs on components and systems
  • Conducting testing and evaluation of hydrogen storage and transportation systems
  • Evaluating code compliance of hydrogen-powered equipment and vehicles
  • Reviewing and verifying the design of hydrogen pressure components
  • Verifying compliance with industry standards and regulations
  • Continuously monitoring and evaluating the in-process fabrication of the hydrogen components
  • Providing training and education to employees and other stakeholders on conformity assessments and best practices
  • Delivering third party certifications and audits

A conformity assessment is a critical step in ensuring the safe and reliable use of hydrogen as a fuel source and to ensure equipment is in compliance with industry standards and regulations. It is also a necessary step in the process of certification and compliance of hydrogen systems and equipment and may help in obtaining necessary permits by incorporating the use of an independent third party organization to oversee the entire process.

With HSB’s Hydrogen Solutions we help you ensure your hydrogen projects are safe, reliable, and meet established industry standards and regulations.

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