Workplace Violence

Helping businesses get back on track after
a violent event

Workplace violence is on the rise. It happens at both large and small companies, takes on many forms, and threatens to upend or even close many businesses that don’t have a clear path forward after an event occurs. When the unthinkable happens, it’s good to know that HSB’s Workplace Violence Response coverage promises to help support businesses and their employees as they transition from tragedy to recovery.

What is workplace violence?

Workplace violence, as defined in HSB’s Workplace Violence Response coverage, is any act or threat of physical violence involving a weapon in the workplace. Workplace violence also includes workplace homicides, whether involving a weapon or not. When an act of workplace violence occurs, the recovery costs can be daunting. This may be especially true for small or midsize businesses that lack the necessary resources to deal with the economic loss and address the many needs that could arise after an event. 
businesses have experienced an incident of workplace violence.
of respondents believe workplace violence can occur at any place of business.
believe the impact would be felt for 7 months or longer.
Source: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Beginning the recovery process

In some cases, workplace violence may result in temporary closure, lost revenue, lower morale and increased employee turnover. To address these challenges and help companies start recovering after a violent event, HSB’s Workplace Violence Response coverage offers a number of post event services, as well as Loss of Business coverage. The following services are not subject to a deductible: 


The recovery process begins with counseling services. These services are available to help employees and their immediate family members begin the healing process. This includes six sessions with a licensed mental health counselor per “affected individual”. This coverage is offered with no dollar sublimit. 

Crisis communications

In some instances, a legal or public relations firm may need to step in to help manage communications with employees, the media, the public, customers, clients, suppliers, or vendors. This service is provided with $5,000 and $10,000 sublimits, depending on the overall Workplace Violence Response coverage limit.

Security guarding and assessment

After certain incidents, there may be a need for heightened workplace security. Available services, which could range from a professional security assessment to extended security guarding services for the insured premises. This coverage is offered with no dollar sublimit. Security guarding services are available for up to 15 days. 

Lost income and extra expenses

Loss of business coverage provides lost business income and extra expenses that are incurred as the direct result of a violent event at the insured premises. The coverage is:

  • Provided at 50% of the overall aggregate workplace violence response limit

Why HSB?

With Workplace Violence Response coverage from HSB, three things stand out:
Perimeter coverage: Perimeter coverage is typically very limited in the marketplace. HSB’s coverage is triggered if a violent event occurs within 100 feet of the business premises.
Definition of weapon: HSB’s definition of a weapon is broader than that of other carriers, and it includes non-functional copies of weapons or items that are facsimiles of weapons.
Homicide: HSB’s coverage includes any violent event in the workplace that results in homicide, even when no weapon is involved. Based on our knowledge, no other carriers would likely cover this type of event.

A plan for moving forward

The following three scenarios demonstrate how a business might benefit from HSB’s Workplace Violence Response coverage:

Scenario 1 - An armed individual opens fire in a store located in a mall, causing multiple casualties. The store is within 100 feet of the insured’s premises. The mall is closed for seven days following the event while the crime scene is processed and the property is repaired.

Services provided:

  • Counseling for employees
  • Security guarding for the premises

Lost Income and Extra Expense:

  • Loss of business coverage resulting from the store closure and temporary reduction in foot traffic

Scenario 2 - A heated argument between two employees quickly escalates. One of the employees grabs an object and assaults the other employee. The police are involved, and the employment of the perpetrator is immediately terminated.

Services provided:

  • Counseling for employees
  • Security guarding for the insured premises due to the possibility of an ongoing threat

Scenario 3 - A man entered the insured’s restaurant holding up a bag and claiming it contained a bomb. He then dropped the bag and fled the scene. The building was immediately evacuated and the police were called. Local news media ran reports and footage showing police on the scene with bomb sniffing dogs. 

Services provided:

  • Counseling for employees
  • Media campaign conducted by a public relations firm
  • The performance of an on-premise professional security assessment