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Protecting public entities

Mission: Possible

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    Our mission: To partner and protect

    At HSB, our primary goal has always been to prevent loss. Driven by technology, fueled by innovation, and built on a heritage of engineering expertise, we have been an industry leader for over 150 years. We have also formed an ecosystem of strategic alliances with other industry-leading, innovative tech partners to help us achieve our goal: Partnering to protect.

    And now, we’re on a mission to mitigate risk for public entities.

    Your mission: To partner with HSB

    Damage to public property is both an economic burden and inconvenient disruption to the daily operations of municipalities, religious groups, schools, and other public organizations. Our technology-driven approach to proactively and predictively prevent loss aims to bring peace-of-mind to Main Street, U.S.A. To manage and reduce risk. To make locations safer and help prevent loss. In sum, partnering with HSB can be a true differentiator, and it’s a mission you should choose to accept.

    The weapons in our risk mitigation arsenal

    Sensor Solutions by HSB™

    Sensor Solutions by HSB provides both water leak and freeze detection through IoT sensors to help avoid or reduce damage to buildings and equipment. These ”smart” sensors detect water leaks and changes in temperature or humidity and send an alert so you can address the equipment before it becomes a problem. Sensors are especially important for schools, churches, and other buildings that often go unoccupied for stretches of time.

    HSB delivers the HELIXintel advantage

    HSB has teamed up with HELIXintel to offer an easy-to-use online platform to manage building and equipment maintenance and repair. Their data-driven, cutting-edge technology helps public entities to prevent breakdowns, mitigate risk, and even save energy costs from better maintained equipment.

    Expertise and leadership

    As the leading provider of Equipment Breakdown insurance in North America, we bring our engineering expertise and thoughtfully designed coverage to meet the ever-changing equipment risks faced by public entities. In addition to our tech-forward solutions, we offer public entities more traditional means of protection, including certificate inspections and loss control assistance.

    Our Equipment Breakdown policies include services that meet local inspection requirements, prevent loss, and reduce downtime in the event of equipment breakdown.

    Services included with our coverage:

    • Jurisdictional inspections of boilers and pressure vessels, as required by virtually all states and municipalities.
    • Loss protection services designed to improve equipment operation and prevent loss.
    • Claims service to help restore operations quickly following a breakdown.

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