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    With the right partner, more is possible - more insight, more perspective, more growth.

    Spanning the reinsurance and specialty insurance markets, Munich Re and HSB have your business needs covered. Our complementary offerings stem from a shared commitment to collaboration, thought leadership, and diligent tracking to stay ahead of trends and shifts in the insurability landscape. So you’re always ready for what’s next.
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    Munich Re Trend Radar: An investment in your future

    Navigating the risks and opportunities that lay ahead for your company requires expansive vision. Munich Re maintains a clear view of the horizon, proactively identifying and protecting business potential. We cultivate thought leadership as an investment in our clients and partners, informing tailored solutions that meet individual needs - whatever the industry or specialty.

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    Forward: Pushing the boundaries of insurability to let the world advance with confidence

    HSB trendspotters: Keeping a close watch

    HSB is dedicated to protecting our customers’ businesses. We work together to cultivate a vast, in-depth knowledge base, relentlessly researching the economy, energy and decarbonization, climate change, our digital and connected world, and beyond. Our team of expert trendspotters keeps a vigilant eye on emerging trends and opportunities, so you can focus on growth.
    Moving Forward Together

    Driven to innovate for our clients

    As pioneers and leaders in reinsurance and specialty insurance, HSB and Munich Re have always looked for new ways forward. That’s why so many companies, across so many industries, turn to us. We push further to arrive at innovative solutions and adapt as those needs change.