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Biometric Analytics
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Biometric Analytics

Interactive and intuitive – benchmarking and actuarial analyses are now offering deeper customised insights

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    The informational value of biometric data is increasing for life insurers with the depth and scope of analysis capabilities, and with the size of the data pool available. In the Biometric Portfolio Analysis (BPA), Munich Re is offering in the German speaking region unique prerequisites in both regards. 

    With a history extending back over 15 years and more than 30 participants for various product types, we have at our disposal the biggest data pool by far on biometric risks. It facilitates informative overall market analyses and is a very solid foundation for bespoke benchmarking and trend research. Also included are the latest methods such as multivariate analyses and Machine Learning, with which life insurers are able to gain deep insights into their own datasets and derive new actuarial findings.  

    New: Biometric Analytics

    In addition to the already established Offline Cubes and PDF reports with analysis results, we provide BPA-participants for the first time with a yet unique and interactive analysis tool. It renders possible deep and individual exploration of your own internal portfolio data, as well as benchmarking for the overall pool from interactive dashboards. Usable exclusively for BPA participants, the platform-based solution enables autonomous analyses and broadens the Data Analytics offering of Munich Re in life insurance. 

    Are you looking to benefit from the new Biometric Analytics offering?

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    Harald Tauber
    Using our new Biometric Analytics offering, clients are able for the first time to analyse their own portfolio data from our annual Biometric Portfolio Analysis (BPA) interactively, and reconcile it with the market-wide pool. This broadens our established result formats and enables unique actuarial insights and benchmarking understanding.
    Harald Tauber
    Munich Re
    Client Management Executive, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Israel Life/Health

    Biometric Analytics – benefits at a glance

    • Speedier insights and decisions by means of interactive reports
    • Deeper findings from your own BPA result and the pool data
    • Intuitive use of the latest analysis capabilities – without additional technical or programming overhead
    • Straightforward data export of aggregated analysis results
    • Access to all BPA results: dashboards, PDF reports, Offline Cubes, presentations
    • Fit for the future and extendible: other datasets such as from the Federal Statistical Office and analysis functions can be included in the future

    Frontend and functions – an overview

    Highest compliance and security requirements and multi-factor authentication
    Customized solution from own portfolio data, pool data and BPA results
    All important portfolio data and key figures at a glance in the interactive dashboard
    Relevant benchmarking for many product lines
    Comprehensive filtering and referencing options
    Versatile, differentiated and company-specific benchmarking


    Questions and answers

    The rollout of our new platform offering starts after the Life Expert Session on 21st June and should be finished by autumn 2022. We are making Biometric Analytics available to all corporations who took part in the BPA in 2021.
    We are offering Biometric Analytics online via a Munich Re platform solution. You benefit in that you only need a desktop computer with online capabilities. Programming knowledge and special software installations are not required. 
    We protect the business data of our clients and meet stringent compliance regulations. For queries that are too granular and an all too limited data pool as a result, benchmark information is no longer provided. This occurs on a rules basis and is in the interests of all BPA participants. 
    No, concluding a reinsurance contract is not a prerequisite. All corporations making available to Munich Re their portfolio data for the BPA are authorised to use the new offering.