Knowledge Series - Severe weather in Eastern Asia

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Severe weather in Eastern Asia

Perils, Risks, Insurance

Nowhere in the world are weather risks changing faster than in Eastern Asia. Severe weather in Eastern Asia addresses weather hazards in that region from the viewpoint of a leading reinsurer. It has been written by experts from Geo Risks Research and other units within Munich Re, with contributions from renowned guest authors.

The publication sheds light on the basic concepts and physical principles behind weather hazard phenomena, explains their occurrences and impacts, and analyses resulting loss aspects. The underlying factors, including climate variability and climate change, are described and supported by a wealth of statistical evidence.

Severe weather in Eastern Asia also gives advice on risk reduction and on how to prepare for and deal with extreme events. Implications are drawn for the Eastern Asian insurance markets based on the findings presented.

Publication Severe Weather in Eastern Asia - Munich Re

Severe weather in Eastern Asia
Perils, Risks, Insurance

Knowledge Series
Natural Hazards

Date of publication 2013
Language English
Order No.302-08083
Price EUR 100.00

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Extracts from the content


Natural catastrophe statistics

  • Perils
    • Typhoons
    • Convective storms
    • Sandstorms and dust storms
    • Winter hazards
    • Inland floods
    • Mass movements
    • Droughts and heatwaves
    • Wildfires
    • Smog

  • Risks
    • Natural climate variability
    • Climate change
    • Risk = Hazard • Exposure • Vulnerability
    • Reducing vulnerability to floods
    • Urban agglomerations and megacities
    • Geointelligence in the logistics sector
    • The resilience of societies
    • Public-private partnerships

  • Insurance
    • Insurance aspects – Japan
    • Insurance aspects – South Korea
    • Insurance aspects – China
    • Insurance aspects – Taiwan
    • Insurance aspects – Vietnam
    • Insurance aspects – Thailand
    • Insurance aspects – Indonesia
    • Insurance aspects – Philippines
    • Marine insurance
    • Weather derivatives
    • Alternative insurance products
    • More insurance, less poverty

How to meet the challenge: Implications for stakeholders

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