Agricultural risk transfer solutions

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Agricultural risk transfer solutions

Munich Re offers individual agricultural insurance and financial derivative solutions to support the risk management strategies of our clients. Depending on your needs and the regulatory requirements involved, we can structure the risk transfer solution as insurance or as a financial product.

Our expertise in agricultural insurance products includes offerings such as crop hail insurance, multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI), livestock, greenhouse insurance, forest, aquaculture, bloodstock and pet insurance. Index insurance solutions such as yield index or weather index solutions combined with new data technology and capital market solutions such as capital relief transactions complement our spectrum of solutions.

Reinsurance solutions

Broad spectrum of reinsurance solutions that include and go well beyond traditional reinsurance.

Agricultural insurance products

We cover a variety of agricultural production risks, such as open-air crop production, greenhouses, livestock, aquaculture, forestry or even pet and bloodstock insurance.

Index insurance

Yield and weather index insurance solutions are an alternative to traditional indemnity-based insurance products in those markets that lack historical loss data, mostly in emerging countries.

Capital market solutions

Mechanisms to transfer large agricultural and weather risks such as capital relief solutions for insurers or cat bond structures are efficient risk management alternatives.




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