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Private insurers medical underwriting practices are under increasing scrutiny from governments and regulatory authorities. When it comes to decisions like risk rejection at the point of application or claim denials related to exclusions or pre-existing conditions, insurers must be in a position to demonstrate transparency and consistency.

Companies with the expertise to meet this challenge can set themselves apart from competitors. Insurers able to offer covers for substandard risks show additional solution-finding skills and client focus – key assets in comprehensive healthcare business and/or public-private partnerships.

As a scalable platform for capture, assessment and management of medical data from application forms, NORMRISK Health represents an invaluable knowledge base for your company. Programmed to identify disorders according to the internationally recognised ICD 9 and ICD 10 codes (according to the World Health Organizations system), NORMRISK Health facilitates accuracy and transparency. Even large data volumes from extensive health portfolios are easy to manage.

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