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Our range of services

Based on our unique, integrated focus on risk carrying and risk management in health, Munich Health – one of three business segments within Munich Re – delivers individual, sustainable solutions. The special combination of resources we offer enables our clients to achieve success and security in their respective markets

A selection from our product and service range

Automated claims handling

Cost driver, core process, key factor in customer satisfaction: claims management is a balancing act. With medical expenses rising and incorrect billing a constant concern, intelligent and consistent claims handling is critical in cost containment. Munich Health has developed a powerful business tool to help you achieve a higher level of excellence in this core area: the Rule Engine.

Medical underwriting

NORMRISK Health is a state-of-the-art tool for assessing individual health insurance risks. The service places sophisticated and internationally recognised health risk knowledge at your underwriters fingertips.

Business Analytics

In our Business Analytics solutions, we you a set of key management instruments that place you in a position to prepare for future developments – and turn knowledge into business.

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