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How insurers are combatting legal system abuse
From social inflation to nuclear verdicts, reptile theory strategy and litigation funding, the insurance industry is under fire in the courtroom.
How insurers are combatting legal system abuse
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    In this one-hour AM Best webinar, a panel of insurance and legal experts explore what's driving today's legal system abuse and what insurers can do to reclaim the high ground while minimizing outlandish claims costs. 

    Panelists include:

    Edward Kozel, Claims Practice Lead - Head of Litigation, Munich Re Specialty Insurance
    Jessica Riley, Director of Jury Research, Magna Legal Services
    Danny Worker, Managing Partner, Lewis Brisbois

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    Munich Re Specialty Insurance's Ed Kozel discusses the challenges of third party litigation (TPL) funding and its impact on legal cases in the US.

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    This one-hour complimentary webinar is sponsored by Munich Re Specialty Insurance.

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    Munich Re Specialty Insurance (MRSI) is a description for the insurance business operations of affiliated companies in the Munich Re Group that share a common directive to offer and deliver specialty property and casualty insurance products and services in North America.
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