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Innovation at Munich Re
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What to expect from us

We provide the right environment for co-innovation. Have a look at what that could mean for your idea!

Our innovation framework

We offer co-innovation opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate partners to team up diverse competencies and different perspectives. We provide expertise in many areas, as well as access to global markets, clients and partners. Furthermore, you can benefit from our global innovation infrastructure and funding. Together we explore promising opportunities and develop new business models in evolving playing fields – way beyond insurance. Reach out for new horizons with us!
Munich Re offers an enormous amount of deep expertise on a broad range of topics, from AI and climate to engineering and space. For 140 years we have been active in the risk business. We insure not only large construction projects and satellite launches, but also cyber risks and algorithms. To be able to offer risk solutions in all areas of life and the economy, we employ scientists from many fields, medical doctors, engineers, pilots and sea captains, to name just a few. Only with the expertise of these specialists can we assess some of the highest, often technological risks for very precious assets. Only if we understand every single detail of the business and technologies, are we able to insure them. We digest and make sense of huge amounts of data to assess the probability and the amount of financial losses as a result of earthquakes, car crashes or business interruption. You see, imagining and anticipating the future has always been in our DNA. Today, digitalisation supports and speeds up these processes and opens up new horizons. Data scientists, software architects and our entire digital infrastructure including our Data Hunting Unit help us to get the most out of new technological possibilities.
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Munich Re is active globally and maintains client relations with thousands of companies, not only from the insurance industry but from many different economic sectors. We are the front runners of innovation in our core business, but reach out far beyond that. In the last few years we have built up an entire innovation ecosystem to bring together ideas and players from various spheres. As the frontiers between industries are becoming increasingly blurred, no company can achieve groundbreaking innovation on its own. Become part of our huge ecosystem that helps match your ideas with the needs of companies and their clients!
Our LABs and Innovation Hubs around the world are our homes for innovators. In particular, they provide access to subject-matter experts, global markets and clients, innovation partners and funding as powerful ingredients for successful innovation beyond insurance.
All in all, our global scouting team meets with over 500 start-ups each year. We are constantly mining technology and business model signals from around the world that lead to new strategic partnerships and accelerate Munich Re’s innovation process. The scouting team also supports the development of a global InsurTech ecosystem by bringing start-ups and entrepreneurs together and sharing specific know-how. 

We connect people and ideas
What will be next? By networking, listening and understanding, we sense technology trends and create new impulses. By connecting people and ideas, we help to create new business models.
Arlene Kern
Head of Scouting
Innovating with Munich Re also means getting access to our long-standing ecosystem of strong innovation partners, such as Plug and Play Tech Center from the Silicon Valley or the DIA (Digital Insurance Agenda) from Amsterdam. We are also a founding member and Chair of the InsurTech Hub Munich, a unique platform set up by global insurance companies to promote co-creation with start-ups, investors and universities. In addition, InsurTech’s strategic partners in tech (such as Microsoft or NTT Data), consulting (PWC) and healthcare (Roche), bring their know-how and capabilities and make the ecosystem thrive.

Munich Re supports entrepreneurs’ innovation initiatives and our partners’ co-innovations that fit our strategic playing fields and that are designed to create new business with a distinct revenue stream. We support initiatives along the entire innovation journey from ideation and incubation to acceleration.

In welcoming the recommendations of the lean start-up philosophy, funding will be given in smaller sums and more frequently, subject to steering based on an objectives and key results (OKR) framework. This approach will allow teams to focus better on deliverables and milestones that need to be accomplished if the project is to move to the next stage.

In addition to funding innovation projects, our corporate venture capital arm, Munich Re Ventures also works closely with the Munich Re Group businesses across the globe to fund and partner with the best emerging companies that are developing new technologies and business models – and risks – to transform tomorrow’s world.

Our experts
Tom van den Brulle -Portrait
Tom Van den Brulle
Global Head of Innovation
offers global co-innovation in all defined playing fields for entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate partners
Martin Sondenheimer
Martin Sondenheimer
Head of Corporate Venture Building
offers co-ideation opportunities in all defined playing fields for entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate partners
Jean Vernor
Jean Vernor
Head of US Venture Building
welcomes ideas and partners to build new businesses especially in the area of resilience
Li Zi Jia
Li Zi Jia
Head of Innovation China
offers opportunities to explore innovation stories and digital businesses in China
Arlene Kern
Arlene Kern
Head of Scouting
Share your ideas to improve our industry – let's work on engaging POCs
Dikla Wagner
Dikla Wagner
Head of Tech Scouting for Israel
unearths new trends and scouts for promising partners

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