Ideas shape the future

There is no way around innovation to meet future challenges. Your bold ideas may be an answer. We have what it takes to transform them into pioneering business models. Join our ecosystem!

Together we meet future challenges

Economies and societies are constantly changing, new technologies and risks evolve. This is where unexpected, new opportunities arise. We seek ideas that help to shape emerging industries and markets, meet new demands and create tangible business value, in insurance and beyond. Munich Re enables entrepreneurs to transform ideas into successful new business models addressing future challenges.
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How to be innovative with Munich Re

Find out more about our strategic innovation playing fields, our common journey from rough idea to new venture, and the framework and infrastructure which supports you on this way. 

Let’s grow together

If you have a brilliant idea in one of our playing fields and the staying power to follow it through to the final product, reach out to Munich Re’s global innovation team. No matter where you are, together we can define the most suitable mode of collaboration.
Portrait of Torsten Jeworrek
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We seek bold ideas and diverse skills to truly innovate and shape emerging industries and markets in order to create tangible business value.
Torsten Jeworrek
Member of the Board of Management

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Our experts
Tom van den Brulle -Portrait
Tom Van den Brulle
Global Head of Innovation
offers global co-innovation in all defined playing fields for entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate partners
Martin Sondenheimer
Martin Sondenheimer
Head of New Business Incubation
offers co-ideation opportunities in all defined playing fields for entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate partners
Jean Vernor
Jean Vernor
Head of the U.S. Incubator
welcomes ideas and partners to build new businesses especially in the area of resilience
Li Zi Jia
Li Zi Jia
Managing Director
offers opportunities to explore innovation stories and digital businesses in China
Arlene Kern
Arlene Kern
Head of Scouting
Share your ideas to improve our industry – let's work on engaging POCs
Dikla Wagner
Dikla Wagner
Head of Tech Scouting for Israel
unearths new trends and scouts for promising partners

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