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Meet Florian

He works as a Senior Actuary at Munich Re Germany at our Munich office.

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    Develop innovative pricing models using advanced actuarial techniques

    Florian has been working in the Pricing, Systems & Analytics department at Munich Re since 2014. He and his team are dedicated to two central tasks: They support NonLife Underwriting in analytical business cases, where Florian's actuarial experience is particularly in demand. In addition, they dedicate themselves to tasks in the area of corporate underwriting, where they are responsible for Munich Re's global UW pricing and ensure high data quality, among other things. Florian thus heads a highly qualified team consisting of experts, many of which have both an actuarial and underwriting background. 

    Florian's personal focus is on the development and optimisation of the pricing methodology. This work relies heavily on data. Florian applies both traditional actuarial methods and "modern" algorithmic approaches.  

    Florian at Munich Re

    An insight into Florian's working environment at Munich Re

    "In most cases, the data we have is insufficient, incorrect or incomplete. This often makes the work of me and my team comparable to solving a very complicated puzzle that is missing some pieces.

    In essence, my work consists of identifying patterns in the data and developing models from them in order to make predictions that are as accurate as possible. Applying complex mathematical methods and calculating numbers is one thing - interpreting the results and the underlying mechanics for colleagues from other departments is another. In my opinion, it is precisely this translation that is a core competence that actuaries need to bring to the table. In fact, I myself often act as an interpreter between underwriters, data engineers and IT at Munich Re." 

    "Almost all my projects involve stakeholders from different company departments and different countries. From the project manager's point of view, this can certainly be a challenge, but for me and my work it always has advantages. The fact that I have to mediate between very different departments is exactly what I like about my work." 
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    My focus area is to develop and prove pricing methodology for non-life reinsurance. My colleagues all have different skill sets and various cultural and professional backgrounds which is very fascinating.
    Senior Actuary, Munich Re Germany, Munich