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Diversity and Inclusion
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Diversity and Inclusion

If you want to advance inclusion, embrace the power of diversity.

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    We believe in the power of being different

    Munich Re is a leading global reinsurer. The thing that sets us apart from our competitors is not only our expertise, experience and drive for innovation, but above all our strong teams. They bring together expertise from different disciplines as well as cultures, nationalities, genders and different generations.

    Munich Re actively invests in its employees and the diversity of the global company. We design development programmes, build our teams and develop leaders in the spirit of an inclusive culture where everyone can grow and be the best they have the potential to be.

    Diversity drives our innovation. We believe that the best ideas come when different perspectives, experiences and ways of thinking come together. This creative force produces concrete solutions that make progress in our industry possible. 

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    Diversity challenges and empowers us – diverse opinions, views and personalities don´t lead to an immediate agreement. At Munich Re we embrace this challenge. We believe that stepping out of our comfort zone is the way we can continuosly learn and create our inclusive culture.
    Munich Re Germany, Munich
    Lead Global Employer Branding, Inclusion & Diversity Strategy

    Diversity as a business strategy

    Munich Re sees diversity as the lively and active coexistence and working together of different mindsets, mentalities, experiences and expertise. Our employees are our most valuable asset and their diversity is the key to our success as a company. 

    Our understanding of diversity not only includes classic aspects such as gender, religion, age, disability, nationality or cultural differences as well as sexual orientation, but also inherent characteristics such as experience, education, personality or opinions. As a globally operating company, we benefit from these differences when it comes to achieving Munich Re's strategic goals. 

    What we do for an inclusive work atmosphere

    Investment in all employees
    We invest in targeted, needs-oriented further training in all specialist areas.
    Strengthening equality
    We are increasing the proportion of women in all management positions globally and Group-wide to 40 per cent by the end of 2025.
    Promoting internationality
    We pursue a balanced composition of teams and key functions.
    Global exchange
    As a globally active company, we support the professional exchange of our employees and worldwide assignments.
    The different ways of thinking, cultures and values of our employees are important success factors for Munich Re.
    © Myrzik & Jarisch
    The different ways of thinking, cultures and values of our employees are important success factors for Munich Re.

    Our diversity commitment

    Munich Re has committed itself to always being tolerant and fair by introducing its own diversity comittments. We value our internal diversity and also communicate our understanding of an open and inclusive working culture confidently to the outside world – from board of management to each individual employee.
    Our staff is an important factor that distinguishes us from the competition, for it is the uniqueness of our staff that helps make us unique. For us, diversity is a driver of profitable growth, because only with a diverse workforce can we forge, cultivate and maintain ties with an equally diverse clientele. Diversity gives us an advantage that enriches our reputation as an attractive business partner and employer at home and abroad. Diversity strengthens our problemsolving competence, as mixed teams are more creative and the resulting solutions are based on various perspectives. 
    Diversity prevents discrimination and creates scope for a working environment that is free of prejudice and thinking in stereotypes. Diversity is based on the principle of equal opportunities and its active promotion as well as providing working conditions that do not exclude or disadvantage anyone. Diversity respects not only the dignity and rights of each individual but encourages active inclusion of variety and individuality in everyday company life. 
    Diversity addresses not only classic criteria like age, gender or origin but also “soft” aspects like abilities, skills, experience, background or personality. Diversity focuses on an individual’s potential and competences, not on his or her origin, faith, age or gender. Diversity means individuals being perceived as such in their otherness and uniqueness and enables us to be our authentic selves.
    The crucial factor is not the mere presence of diversity but creating awareness of differences and using this actively and purposefully in the Group. By recognising and understanding differences, we create mutual respect. Diversity means valuing individual variety throughout the workforce and fostering uniqueness. We will benefit when every employee reaches their fullest potential.
    Diversity is the basis for an open corporate culture founded on a spirit of partnership, which practices tolerance and humanity, generates trust and facilitates personal development. Diversity is a change process entailing sensitisation to variety and a change of attitude in dealing with people and their talents. Diversity requires flexibility to take account of employees’ individuality. Diversity also requires flexibility to take account of special national characteristics.
    The exchange of knowledge across disciplinary borders sustainably promotes Munich Re's innovative strength.
    © Myrzik & Jarisch
    The exchange of knowledge across disciplinary borders sustainably promotes Munich Re's innovative strength.
    People work for the Munich Re Group. (as of 31 Dec. 2020)
    Munich Re employees come from 56 different nations.
    years our employees work for us on average.
    of our employees are employed on a permanent basis.

    Creating equal opportunities

    Munich Re is actively working to increase the number of female managers. As a globally operating company, it is of great importance to us that more talented women take on responsibility in our management teams. Therefore, it was decided to increase the proportion of women in all management positions to 40% globally and Group-wide by the end of 2025 with a new voluntary commitment.  In addition, our internal Accelerated Development programmes Hydrogen & Oxygen have a 50% gender quota to support the growing proportion of women in management positions.

    Continuous development is extremely important to us. That is why we invest in targeted and needs oriented learning for all of our employees in all specialist areas. Learn more about our career development opportunities.  

    We take responsibility

    For more than 135 years, Munich Re has been taking on a wide range of risks worldwide, thereby creating long-term value. We are convinced that we can continue to successfully implement our business model in the future by acting responsibly with a long-term perspective. The basis for this is responsible corporate governance that combines economic, ecological and social requirements. 
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    At Munich Re, we´re not anchored to a desk – we can add value, no matter where we´re sitting. Many companies have a global footprint. At Munich Re, the very culture is global.
    Munich Re UK, London
    Global Head of Service Delivery Projects

    International Women's Day 2021: #ChooseToChallenge

    In 2021 and throughout March we joined the global International Women's Day campaign with the official hashtag #ChooseToChallenge. Under the motto "Women in Leadership at Munich Re", Munich Re raised the flag for gender equality.  

    In doing so, Munich Re highlighted the challenges people face every day while underlining the entire company's commitment to gender equality.

    Munich Re employees are committed to equal opportunities for men and women.
    Hui Yun
    © Munich Re
    I challenge bias and divisive ideas. I believe we are all born equal in dignity and rights; with hopes, aspirations and unique talents. Every individual must be given equal opportunities to bring the best version of themselves to the table
    Hui Yun
    Munich Re Syndicate, Singapur
    CEO and Head of Asia & Middle East

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