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Meet Jan

He works as a Senior Project Manager in Internet of Things (IoT) Product Development at Munich Re Germany at our location in Munich.

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    Ensuring continuous development

    Jan’s day revolves around bringing existing business models into the IoT landscape. He and his colleagues provide hardware and software that help insurers reduce the complexities involved in underwriting IoT risks. Their turnkey solution comprises data analytics, back-end operations, alerts and monitoring. Jan contributes to several software projects, and his role varies from project to project. As a business developer, he specifies market and customer requirements. As a product owner, he works with agile and waterfall product development tools to build portals, apps, and systems connected to the Internet of Things. And, as a senior project manager, it’s his job to select and adapt tools and methodologies to accomplish the task at hand.

    Smooth collaboration is vital to Jan’s projects. He is part of teams where business developers, tech and data specialists can work side-by-side with subject-matter experts from literally any industry sector. As the project’s communication facilitator, his days start with stand-ups. It’s Jan’s job to understand the complexities involved, consider everyone’s perspectives, keep track of the big picture and then translate it all into a set of actions that keep his project on course.

    Learn more about Jan´s work 

    Interaction with internal and external teams
    To build an understanding of the project status, identify and resolve gaps.
    Working alone
    On product documentation to help stakeholders assess if the project is in-scope and on-time.
    Software product development
    Staying on top of the latest industry trends and working with engineering teams on how to best leverage the trends.

    An insight into Jan's working environment at Munich Re

    "I work on a wide variety of software projects. My tasks vary from project to project. As a business developer, for example, I specify market and customer requirements. As a product owner, I work with agile and waterfall product development tools to develop portals, apps and systems related to the IoT. And as a Senior Project Manager, it's my job to select exactly those tools and methods that are needed to solve our customers' respective problems."

    "For me, smooth collaboration during a project is the number one priority - at Munich Re, that's exactly what we have. I work in teams where business developers, tech and data specialists work side by side with professionals from every industry sector.

    I see myself as a communication facilitator for projects. My workday typically starts with stand-up conferences where I get updates. My job is to grasp the existing complexities in each project and to take the different perspectives of all the specialists involved into account. In doing so, I always have to keep an overview and develop packages of measures that keep the respective projects on track."

    What makes my job exciting is its fast-changing environment. There are no fixed processes. We have flexible structures that afford us substantial freedom to explore and create new solutions. The people I work with have a holistic mindset but take a hands-on approach to tackle challenges in the IoT space. Their energy is inspiring.
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    Our projects are steeped in cutting-edge technology. The solutions we build not only minimise risks and offer actionable insights but can prevent incidents from occurring in the first place. We are not just building a tool to manage risk exposure – we are making the world a safer place.
    Senior Project Manager IoT Product Development,
    Munich Re Germany, Munich