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Meet Vicky

She works as Assistant Vice President Pricing for Munich Re Canada at our Toronto office.

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    Wearer of two hats – assessing risks both individually and at the macro level

    Vicky leads the pricing function at Munich Re Canada. Vicky and her team support and collaborate closely with underwriting, client management, reserving, and finance. Their focus: to help safeguard the profitability of our existing portfolio whilst pursuing new growth opportunities

    Each requires different approaches, knowledge, and experience as well as an agile mind able to switch back and forth between challenging tasks throughout the day. Her job takes Vicky out of country about 2 to 3 times a year. She has just completed a 6-week secondment with our Sydney office where she supported MHA’s Casualty treaty July 1 renewals. Her insights into sites and markets are valuable, not only to her own work but to Munich Re’s innovation teams. As part of her process, she also contributes feedback on potential gaps in risks models to support rollouts of pricing tools. Vicky is an Associate of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries

    Learn more about Vicky´s work

    Project management and team interaction within Munich Re
    Steering in new projects, exchange with own team, analysis of project advancements.
    Meetings & Calls
    Calls and meetings with internal and external clients for primary-insurance pricing.
    Solving tasks and problems
    Implementation of specific projects on pricing in the insurance and reinsurance business.
    Product innovation including work on the innovation team
    Supporting the development of advanced solutions to problems.

    An insight into Vicky's working environment at
    Munich Re

    I am responsible for pricing in both the reinsurance and the primary-insurance branch. For this, I assess business portfolios, group programmes as well as individual single risks. These tasks differ in focus, complexity and granularity. They require different approaches, knowledge and experience as well as the ability to quickly switch mentally from one challenging question to the next at any time.
    I get to work on great projects. An idea we pitched in our innovation team has turned into a group project and we’re still involved. Some exciting projects in our Casualty Long-tail Pricing Expert Group are now in implementation. I love the variety.
    The corporate culture and global talent pool evoke a fulfilling sense of belonging. When I encounter a tricky issue, I can pick up the phone and call someone who will help or refer me to an expert. It’s amazing how Munich Re encourages these exchanges.
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    Munich Re gives you as much space and flexibility to grow your career as you can dream of. Switching jobs geographically, laterally, or moving into a different department are all feasible options thanks to global development and transfer programmes.
    Assistant Vice President Pricing,
    Munich Re Canada, Toronto