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Engineering Risk Management

Technical training opportunities

Hartford Steam Boiler can help members of your organization improve their knowledge and skills. You don’t have to be an engineer to participate in our training, but you do benefit from the experience and technical know-how of our engineering professionals. In addition to technical resources and publications, we provide direct training opportunities for facility personnel and insurance professionals.

Operational and Maintenance Seminars

Hartford Steam Boiler can provide operator-oriented seminars that are designed specifically for our customers - in particular, those responsible for the operation, safety and maintenance of boilers, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. These seminars are structured to include the unique needs of your facility.

Underwriting Training

Equipment exposures for certain types of businesses, especially for manufacturing, represent unique challenges for property and casualty underwriters. Hartford Steam Boiler understands the impact that losses can have on profitability. We have developed training seminars for underwriters that identify the exposures associated with these classes of business.

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