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Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) at HSB

Insightful data. Insurance transformed.

Hartford Steam Boiler HSB IoT Sensors

A leader in the Internet of Things

HSB is the insurance leader in commercial Internet of Things (IoT) technology. By leveraging data gained through sensors and the cloud, we are creating or helping to produce innovative products, services, and business models for clients around the world, with a focus on small-to-medium enterprises (SME) and industrial companies.

  • For the SME market, we provide a complete IoT solution to meet the unique needs of small to medium sized businesses and their insurers. By providing a turnkey package of hardware and software, data analytics, back-end operations, targeted alerts, and 24/7 monitoring support, we reduce the complexity of IoT and make it easily scalable.
  • For Industrial IoT businesses, we apply our deep expertise in financial products and our understanding of connected technology to help industrial companies deploy IoT capabilities. Through digitization, we help our clients differentiate their products and improve their operational efficiencies and quality, as well as providing financial solutions that spur new risk transfer methods and business models.

It’s about the data

“How can HSB’s IoT technology improve your commercial insurance business?”

The answer is data.

With our robust process of aggregating, analyzing and synthesizing millions of commercial data points, your company can deliver everything from real-time customer alerts that lower risks to increased profitability through reduced claims and improved underwriting.

With Sensor Systems by HSB, we provide:

  • Timely alerts based on 24/7/365 monitoring of key operating conditions
  • Robust data aggregation, analysis and synthesis using HSB’s proprietary algorithms
  • Solutions backed by 150 years of risk management, engineering and technology experience

HSB’s IoT Difference

IoT sensor programs are gaining popularity, but they’re not all the same.

Tailored, turnkey and scalable

HSB has streamlined the complex technology and management logistics, making it easy for customers to get started. This includes a dedicated team to provide start-up and ongoing support.

  1. Pre-pilot. We analyze your claims data to identify opportunities, locations and conditions to monitor, then customize a solution and advise on system set-up.
  2. Pilot. We deploy the technology in up to 100 customer locations, then evaluate loss prevention results and achievable project savings for a full-scale program.
  3. Production. We offer the program to customers who can also count on us for marketing and training support. And we use insights from program reports and sensor data to refine underwriting.
Tailored programs for each client

HSB can provide established and customized programs for such clients as:

Mobile capabilities

There’s a web portal to monitor the sensors at work but we know not everyone is at their computer all the time. We provide a convenient mobile app that sends alerts and provides valuable sensor data – all at the touch of a finger.

What HSB has that consumer-based systems don’t

A robust IoT platform:

  • Robust data model
  • 3rd party data integration
  • Equipment agnostic
  • Multi-location
  • Tiered view
  • Customized content
  • Enhanced features

Extensive IoT Alerting:

  • Escalating alert levels
  • Custom algorithms
Preventing losses, saving millions

HSB began to implement its IoT solutions for a large insurer of houses of worship.

Since many houses of worship are empty for periods of time, it’s often impossible to detect potentially disruptive environmental threats, like pipe bursts or damage from severe weather. HSB partnered with the insurer to provide its customers with a 21st century approach to reducing these risks the sensor program.

Starting with local pilot sites, we leveraged detailed data from sensors and local weather conditions to precisely monitor and detect environmental changes that can lead to frozen pipes and water damage.

Since 2016, we’ve collected 250 million sensor readings from 25,000 different sensors. During a 40 day brutal cold event in 2017, these sensors helped one client with 300 saves, avoiding several million in potential loss.

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