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Specialists work with your staff

What we refer to as a Client Integration team is the direct specialist-to-specialist contacts that we assign to work out the details of implementation with your staff. Our program approach will be tailored to your specifications, your company’s organization, resources, market intentions, systems, service standards, etc. Our Client Integration approach assures you that:

  • We understand your business environment and needs;
  • HSB is aligned with your business strategy and objectives;
  • Our capabilities are fully leveraged by your company;
  • Your needs are assessed thoroughly;
  • Implementation of your program is easier and faster.

A team of project managers, forms and filing consultants, business and systems consultants, claims managers and engineers will be assigned to your company and work with you to:

  • Design policy form wording and a filing package;
  • Develop a service plan for our support of your underwriting, marketing, claims and loss control departments;
  • Create a reporting and payment process and support your systems needs;
  • Develop a method of reporting new location addresses for inspection or consider optional methods of approaching inspections;
  • Decide on claim procedures, including notification, adjustment and reimbursement;
  • Provide training programs for your marketing staff, underwriters and claims personnel;
  • Provide marketing support such as advertising materials, announcement letters, training materials, notice to policyholders, or articles for your agent publications.

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