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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Hartford Steam Boiler do?

The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company is a global provider of specialty insurance and reinsurance, inspection services and engineering consulting.

What kind of insurance does HSB provide?

HSB provides a range of specialty insurance for risks such as equipment breakdown (boiler and machinery), identity theft, employment practices liability, computer systems, specialty property and other coverages.  HSB provides many of these products through other insurance companies  enabling them to offer their customers additional coverages easily and at an affordable cost.

I am a customer, how do I request an inspection of my boilers / pressure vessels?

Contact the HSB Inspection Hotline at 1-800-333-4677. Have the name of your insurance company and your insurance policy number when you call.

How do I order the Technical Data Handbook?

Contact (860) 722-5433 to order Technical Data Handbooks.

What is equipment breakdown insurance?

Sometimes referred to as "Boiler & Machinery" coverage, equipment breakdown insurance pays for the cost to repair or replace equipment that breaks down suddenly or accidentally. It can also cover business income losses that occur when that breakdown interrupts a business’ operations, the costs to speed restoration of business operations and spoilage loss.

What is reinsurance?

Reinsurance is insurance purchased by insurance companies.  Reinsurance spreads risk among insurance companies, allowing individual insurers to handle losses better and provide additional capacity to write more insurance than they otherwise would be able to.  At HSB, we also use reinsurance arrangements as a means of providing specialty coverages and services to make it easier and less expensive for our insurance company clients to enter a new line of business.

What types of breakdowns are covered?

Equipment breakdown (boiler and machinery) insurance covers the accidental breakdown of covered machinery and equipment caused by:

  • Short circuits, electrical arcing
  • Power surges
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Centrifugal force
  • Boiler breakdown

What does equipment breakdown insurance cover?

Equipment breakdown insurance covers the physical and financial damage that stems from an insured equipment breakdown. It helps protect insureds from the costs associated with covered losses to a facility’s equipment. It pays for:

  • Direct property loss – the cost to repair or replace damaged equipment
  • Lost business income and costs for temporary replacement equipment
  • Other expenses incurred to limit the loss or speed restoration of operations
  • The loss value of spoiled products or materials
  • Business recovery expenses

What kinds of equipment are covered?

Equipment breakdown insurance covers many types of equipment, including:

  • Electrical systems
  • Production and mechanical equipment
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration (including refrigerants)
  • Boilers and pressure vessels
  • Business equipment and systems
  • Electronics, including computers
  • Communication systems

What types of inspection and engineering services does HSB provide?

HSB provides its insureds with inspection and loss control services as part of its insurance program. The core inspection services are designed to meet jurisdictional inspection requirements for boilers, pressure vessels and sometimes other equipment as required by code.  We also offer our insurance company clients a variety of inspection services to provide them with underwriting information and assist them in managing risk. HSB sells supplemental loss control services on a fee-for-service basis to help clients reduce equipment exposures. These services include:

  • Infrared surveys of electrical systems
  • Risk evaluations  
  • Property casualty inspections
  • Transformer oil & gas analysis

What is HSB's Social Security Number Protection Policy?

We value your trust, and we are committed to the responsible protection of your Social Security number (“SSN”).  This notice applies to any SSN that we collect in the course of our business.  We protect the confidentiality of SSNs, including by maintaining physical and electronic security procedures to guard against unauthorized access to SSNs.  We also limit access to SSNs by, among other measures, only granting access to SSNs to our employees who use that information to perform their job-related duties.  In addition, we do not disclose SSNs to third parties, except where required or permitted by law. 

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