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HSB Home Field Advantage

HSB Home Field Advantage is a specialty reinsurance program built for companies like yours to help you defend and grow your business in an increasingly competitive environment. We drew on decades of specialty reinsurance partnerships with more than 200 insurance companies across the country to create this new program, and the result is an affordable, easy-to-implement enhancement program you can leverage to add significant value to your policies without the big investment in product development and added staff.

HSB Home Field Advantage offers you add-on coverages for such contemporary risks as identity recovery, employee charges and lawsuits, and the breakdown of critical home, business and farm equipment. This is the kind of protection typically available only from larger insurance companies and financially out of reach for many home and business owners.

You can choose which of HSB’s affordable coverage options to add to your policies and make the changes at your own pace. It’s easy because partnership with HSB comes with 100% reinsurance, full claims handling and jurisdictional inspections of boilers and pressure vessels required by law. And you’ll have implementation support online and from a specially designated HSB Home Field Advantage team. Learn more about how HSB can help you protect your community and protect your turf with competitive specialty coverage and services.

Contact us: Patrick J. Clark, CPCU, ARe. 860-722-5606

Coverage options you can easily add

You know your community best, so HSB Home Field Advantage offers you a choice of six affordable coverages to add to your home and business owner policies. All of them are reinsured 100% and supported with full claims handling, forms, marketing tools and implementation support, and provide protection from today’s emerging risks and will add meaningful value to your products.

Identity Recovery

It can happen anywhere and it’s happening more often. An identity is stolen and the victim spends time and money on a confusing, frustrating and often protracted process to restore it. HSB Home Field Advantage Identity Recovery Coverage not only takes care of customers’ identity recovery expenses, but offers valuable professional help to unravel the damage and restore pre-theft status.

Homeowners Equipment Breakdown

Homeowners depend on critical equipment to keep the temperature comfortable, heat their water and keep their family safe. Today, much of this equipment contains sensitive high-tech parts vulnerable to breakdown from power surges and other problems with power quality. Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage protects homeowners from the high cost of replacing or repairing expensive equipment.

Service Line Coverage

Most homeowners don’t know they own piping and wiring on their property. But when a water line leaks or other supply line fails, they soon learn the cost of excavation and repairs can easily reach thousands. Service Line Coverage pays for loss or damage resulting from failure of underground piping or wiring delivering a service to the residence or other home structure from a utility or private water supply.

Employment Practices Liability

Employers today are faced with the very real risk of an employee charge of lawsuit for discrimination, wrongful termination or harassment. Claims against smaller businesses have grown, yet insurance and legal advice is expensive and, for many, out of reach. In addition to insuring against a claim, Employment Practices Liability Coverage provides important loss prevention tools and access to specialized legal counsel.

Business Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Whether it’s computers, hydraulic lifts or supermarket freezers, every business depends on equipment to operate. Breakdowns are common and can easily bring business to a halt. Today, a power surge is all it takes to cause high-tech equipment such as computers or electronic components to fail. Business Equipment Breakdown Coverage protects business owners against loss of income, spoilage and the high cost of equipment repair or replacement.

Farm Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Twenty-first century farms are equipment intensive and, today, that equipment is pushed hard to meet high production demands. But sensitive high-tech parts make it vulnerable to breakdown from power quality problems, environmental contaminants, poor maintenance and other common causes. Farm Equipment Breakdown Coverage protects farm owners from loss of income and spoilage as well as equipment repair or replacement.

Coverage options come with HSB support

With HSB Home Field Advantage you get the benefit of HSB’s specialty reinsurance partnership with more than 200 insurance companies across the country and more than four decades of experience.

We’ve learned what kind of support you need to easily and successfully add specialty coverage to your policies and reap the rewards. When you partner with HSB, you get full support and a range of services.

Dedicated Team

HSB Home Field Advantage is more than assumed risk reinsurance. It’s a turnkey way to enhance your existing products. For most community-based insurers, it’s a new concept, so HSB has dedicated a team of professionals to assist you every step of the way.

Call Center

HSB’s toll-free Customer Solution Center fields a wide range of questions and has an excellent track record of customer satisfaction.

Claims Handling

An identity theft is very different from a heating system breakdown or an employee lawsuit. That’s why specialty coverage demands specialized claims handling. HSB provides full claims service by experienced, knowledgeable staff.

The industry knows HSB for claims excellence. Your customers can count on prompt, responsive service from our people.

Inspection Services

Virtually all states and cities require inspection of boilers and pressure vessels used within businesses and institutions. Equipment owners are responsible for inspection compliance. Helping them meet their inspection obligation is part of HSB’s value to you and your customers. HSB provides jurisdictional inspections for boilers and pressure vessels as part of our Business Equipment Breakdown program.

Forms and Filing

The HSB Home Field Advantage team will help you in developing forms and assist with filings.


A modular training program to familiarize you with the program and product details is available whenever you want it – 24/7 online.


To help you launch and leverage your product enhancements, you get marketing materials to inform and arm your agents and ensure your policyholders appreciate the added protection you are providing them. Sell sheets, sales literature, policyholder letters and other marketing tools are built to be customized with your name and logo.

HSB eStation

At HSB eStation you have a private, password-protected place online to access information about your HSB products and business, get news and updates from HSB, and post questions and comments for response and dialog from an HSB team member. It’s one more way we make working with HSB easy.

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