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Optimize your energy efficiency

Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) has put our technical experience with energy-intensive equipment and systems into programs to help clients optimize efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Our energy efficiency tools and services add value to our equipment insurance programs at no added cost. HSB has created a range of services and tools designed to help insureds “optimize” their energy efficiency and save money in the process.

Energy efficiency tools

HSB Efficiency First™

HSB Efficiency First™ is an online tool that makes saving on energy costs simple for small to mid-sized businesses. In five minutes clients can identify energy efficiency opportunities to save money and help equipment run better and last longer.

It identifies specific energy efficiency opportunities, provides practical money-saving recommendations and equips business managers with tools to enhance the operation and maintenance of their equipment.

HSB Efficiency First™ also deepens customer relationships through a low cost, high-value touchpoint. The HSB Efficiency First™ tool and video are easy to "plug and play" and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing website to quickly start benefiting your customers.

Energy efficiency calculators

HSB’s engineering team has designed an easy to use energy efficiency calculator series made for the average business or institution to assess their own equipment and operating conditions and identify efficiency improvements.

Our energy efficiency calculators cover a wide range of equipment types and sizes including: boilers, HVAC, electrical, lighting and mechanical equipment. 

On average it costs $4.00 a square foot to heat, cool, and light a typical commercial building, and our calculators can help an insured identify energy cost savings potential of 15 to 20 percent per year.

Get started today

For more information on access to these tools, Call 1-800-HSB-1866 (1-800-472-1866) or e-mail us at, and an HSB representative will contact you.

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