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Optimizing energy efficiency

We’ve put our technical experience with energy-intensive equipment and systems into the development of two new programs to help commercial lines and homeowner clients optimize efficiency and reduce their energy costs. HSB’s optimize strategy adds tangible value to our equipment coverage programs. At no added cost.

Employing energy conservation practices and utilizing more efficient equipment could save billions of dollars, reduce greenhouse emissions, and increase America's energy independence.

Hartford Steam Boiler, part of Munich Re, provides energy efficiency recommendations and tools as a value added element of our equipment insurance products to help our commercial and homeowner clients achieve greater energy efficiency and savings.

With rising energy demands and costs, improving energy efficiency would seem an obvious course of action. However, to achieve their energy saving potential businesses and homeowners alike need sound information and guidance that they can rely on to make smart energy decisions. Enter HSB.

With our technical knowledge and extensive experience insuring energy hungry equipment and systems, HSB is in a unique position to help clients to improve efficiency and reduce energy costs. We have tailored energy efficiency strategies and services for commercial and homeowner equipment insureds. Our expanding range of services and tools are all designed to help insureds “optimize” the energy efficiency of their business or home and save money in the process.

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