Equipment Breakdown Coverage Basics

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Coverage basics

Virtually every business, institution and public entity depends on equipment to keep operations going and income flowing. Today, equipment breakdown is a more common and greater risk. Most equipment now contains sensitive and fragile technology that can be easily damaged. More equipment is mission critical so breakdowns bring operations - and income - to a halt. Increased system complexity and interdependency mean a breakdown elsewhere can impact you, yet standard property insurance excludes the risks unique to equipment. All businesses need equipment breakdown insurance, review the following to learn more.  

The Simple Seven

Equipment breakdown (formerly called "boiler and machinery") insurance covers many types of equipment. Click on The Simple Seven for a quick overview of the primary types of equipment and risks covered by equipment breakdown insurance.

Changing equipment risks

Equipment is changing. So are the risks. Click on Changing Equipment Risks to review the reasons why equipment breakdown insurance is now essential to every business.

Coverage Components

HSB's equipment breakdown insurance covers much more than standard "boiler and machinery" policies. Read Coverage Components for a concise overview of equipment breakdown insurance.

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