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Engineering Risk Management

Services that lead to success

Our mission is to make a difference through successful business solutions that directly lead to your company’s success. A unique combination of skill, knowledge and experience enables Hartford Steam Boiler to engineer a wide range of successful technical and risk management capabilities:

  • Electrical Risk Modification Programs: Loss prevention surveys, infrared thermography, power quality and surge protection strategies.
  • Fire Protection Engineering: Solutions to fire safety problems and prevention through the application of engineering science.
  • Transformer Oil Testing: Advanced diagnostic testing techniques and tools to improve performance and protect assets.
  • Equipment Care: Customers can obtain information 24/7 on specific loss prevention topics related to equipment maintenance and operation simply and easily by downloading informative documents in the Equipment Care section of our website.
  • Leveraging Knowledge to Manage Risk: HSB has a variety of other specialized technical and consulting capabilities to help you realize your business goals and desired underwriting results.

HSB large account services

Hartford Steam Boiler has the capability to consistently perform inspection and engineering services that will satisfy the needs and requirements of our larger customers. Our inspectors and technical specialists understand the equipment and manufacturing processes used in business and industry with more complex risks.

HSB account managers serve as a key resource, helping our customers identify and manage exposures in equipment, operations and maintenance. The account manager is a liaison who can bring an array of loss prevention services and other engineering based solutions to our larger customers.

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