Business Energy Efficiency

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Business energy efficiency

For commercial customers HSB’s energy efficiency program is a combination of providing on-site energy efficiency observations and recommendations plus a series of customized calculators insureds can use on their own to assess efficiency, potential savings and available options.

How much money can a business or institution save? Consider this: Energy consumption typically amounts to about 40 percent of a building’s operating cost. It’s estimated that with sound efficiency practices, consumption could be reduced by a full third.

HSB is uniquely qualified amongst insurers to make recommendations about “optimizing” the efficiency of equipment. We have decades of experience providing inspections and loss prevention services for virtually all types of equipment which consumes energy.

That’s why, when it comes to reducing costs through improved operational efficiency, we’re a value added resource for businesses, industries and institutions.

Identifying potential energy savings

HSB’s technical staff of almost 400 is on site every day inspecting businesses’ biggest energy users – boilers and pressure vessels. A half million of them a year.

Today, when conducting a jurisdictional inspection, an HSB technician may spot an energy-saving opportunity and include recommendations to improve efficiency in a follow-up loss prevention report.

Our recommendations often are simple, within management’s control and require minimal or no capital, yet can result in immediate and sustainable savings. Here are some examples:

  • Excess scale on a boiler wall creates an insulating effect, so more fuel is required. Remove the scale and the savings start to add up immediately.
  • Soot on the fire side of a boiler is often an indication that incomplete combustion is taking place in the boiler’s burner, wasting fuel. A “tune up” could save an insured $50 for every $1,000 spent for energy.
  • Leaks to a boiler’s piping or steam traps necessitates new water to be brought into the boiler to replace what has leaked, requiring extra energy to heat this water. Fixing the leaks helps eliminate those extra costs.

Opportunities for energy efficiency can be found with almost any piece of equipment. Dirt or dust on cooling fans and vents in air conditioning and food refrigeration systems rob these systems of energy efficiency and yet are easy conditions to correct. Learn how to correct these issues, and many more HERE (PDF, 7.7 MB).

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