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Drone Liability Coverage Endorsement

The drones market is experiencing substantial growth. With technological improvements and recent broadening of federal regulation, experts are predicting a significant expansion in commercial drone usage over the next 10 years. With numerous applications for commercial uses in agriculture, communications, and delivery as well as public uses like infrastructure, environmental monitoring, public safety, and emergency response, the insurance implications of widespread adoption are becoming apparent. The vast array of potential uses for drones opens operators to costly liabilities and exposures not covered by most commercial and liability policies. Munich Re, US can provide you with customizable drone coverage that helps to protect your customers against the unique exposures and liabilities that come with this technology.

Flexible Solutions to Get your Drone Coverage Off the Ground

The Drone Liability Coverage Endorsement is a commercial general liability endorsement designed to cover Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability and/or Personal Injury Liability exposures. The endorsement is available to attach to Commercial General Liability or Farm Liability products. It was created for operations that utilize drones to support other sources of revenue. Drone Service Providers or other activities that use drones to generate their primary source of revenue are not eligible for this product at this time.

We will work with our participating insurance carriers to develop a private-labeled, customized endorsement based on your existing commercial lines policies and clients' needs. Policyholders will be able to purchase it through participating insurance carriers as an endorsement to their existing commercial general liability policy.

We make it easy and affordable for our clients to add drone liability coverage to their customers’ policies. Munich Re, US or one of our affiliates will provide form design, state filing support, agent training and marketing support services.

Munich Re, US can provide a customizable drone coverage that helps to protect your customers against the unique exposures and liabilities that come with this new technology.

For more information, contact: Jason Dunn Reinsurance Division - Strategic Products JDunn@munichreamerica.com Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. 555 College Road East P.O. Box 5241 Princeton, NJ 08543-5241 Tel.: (609) 243-4200 Fax: (609) 243-4257 www.munichreamerica.com


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