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Flood solutions

Driving flood protection forward

Floods are the most frequently occurring and the most expensive natural disaster in the United States. According to FEMA, 99% of the counties in the US have experienced flood between 1996 and 2019.1 However, many homeowners and businesses remain uninsured against this threat. 

Munich Re US has a comprehensive US flood strategy and white-label flood insurance products that are designed to match homeowners and businessowners with the right solutions to help them recover faster. 

New - Nature’s remedy: Improving flood resilience through community insurance and nature-based mitigation

Read how Munich Re and The Nature Conservancy outlines in this paper how the successes of a levee setback on the banks of the Missouri River help secure the well-being of communities across the United States.

Our white-label approach

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Severe weather events are on the increase, including heavy flooding in areas that previously never flooded. Unpredictable flood events highlight the need for property owners to have effective flood coverage. With homeowners flood claims averaging $52,000,1 and commercial flood claims averaging $90,000,2 not having flood insurance can be costly. 

Munich Re US personal and commercial lines flood endorsements are designed to narrow the protection gap by offering affordable flood insurance designed specifically for homeowners and businessowners in low-to-moderate risk areas. Our turnkey Inland Flood and Commercial Flood endorsements offer expanded coverages that can easily be added onto existing personal lines, commercial packages, or businessowners policies. 

InDepth – Flood Digital Platform

InDepthSM is our digital platform to deliver fast and seamless eligibility and pricing to support our flood white-label solutions:

  • Locations rated on individual property’s unique risk score
  • Advanced flood modeling science with 10-meter grid resolution
  • Custom application programming interface (API) developed for agents
  • Flood hazard calculations include riverine and surface flooding

Our MGA partners

For a successful private flood strategy, distribution and customer experience is as important as underwriting and data analytics. At Munich Re US, we believe in the value of “boots on the ground” experience, which is needed to close the protection gap for the peril of flood. We partner with Managing General Agents (MGAs) by offering our non-admitted paper for both personal and commercial lines flood coverage. MGAs provide key access to players in the flood marketplace that are well connected and well versed in customer experience, underwriting, and the legislative and regulatory issues around flood coverage.

Reinsurance solutions

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With our in-depth and hands-on experience in flood product development, we offer our reinsurance clients a robust risk appetite and a holistic partnership to address the needs of their policyholders.  Our reinsurance solutions can be provided via traditional quota share treaties (primary and excess of loss policies) or via our facultative programs. We also offer hydrologic expertise and consultative services to our clients and brokers to help facilitate a reinsurance treaty that fits the business needs of our customers, and helps them generate and grow their flood portfolio.

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Further information

Products and services provided by Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. (“Munich Re US”) and its affiliates. Any descriptions of coverage contained in this website are meant to be general in nature and do not include nor are intended to include all of the actual terms, benefits, and limitations found in an insurance policy. The insurance policy and not any content reflected on this website will form the contract between the insured and insurance company, and governs in all cases. The inland flood coverage endorsement is not intended to satisfy any mandatory flood insurance requirements of the policyholder's lending institution for their mortgages or loans. Coverage to satisfy these requirements is available through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). This inland flood coverage endorsement is not affiliated with the NFIP.

1. US Department Homeland Security, FEMA, Historical Flood Risk and Costs, July 24, 2020

2. US Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, Keep Your Business in Business, June, 2017