Rise to the occasion with commercial drone coverage

Flexible solutions for an emerging market

Commercial drone usage is soaring

Technological improvements and recent broadening of federal regulations have businesses across many sectors investing in drones for surveillance, monitoring, delivery, photography, security, and other applications.

The vast array of uses for drones—paired with the potential for faulty operation or equipment failure—opens operators to costly liabilities and exposures not covered by most commercial and liability policies. Based on ISO’s Limited Coverage Endorsements for Designated Unmanned Aircraft for the CGL and BOP policies, Munich Re’s Drone Liability Coverage Endorsement protects policyholders in the event of:

Mid-air collisions

Other Aircraft
Power Lines
Other property or persons

Additional exposures

Bodily injury
Third-party business interruption
Privacy issues

Private-labeled and fully customized

Munich Re provides a private-label drones endorsement with full-service implementation. We will work with you to develop a customized product offering based on your existing commercial lines policies and clients’ needs to support drones under 55 pounds. Policyholders may purchase the Drone Liability Coverage Endorsement through participating insurance carriers as an endorsement to their existing commercial general liability policy.

Individually priced drone coverage

  • For occasional drone usage 
  • Limits up to $1,000,000
  • Supplemental Application required

Additional drone coverage

  • For high drone usage (e.g. farms, contractors, photographers)
  • Limits up to $50,000
  • No separate application required for portfolio business subject to favorable responses to eligibility questions

With reinsurance support up to 100 percent, and concierge setup, your drone coverage can ascend alongside this exciting new technology.

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Jason Dunn
Jason Dunn
Strategic Product Development Manager

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