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We're proud to be working with Marsh to provide innovative engineering and technology insurance solutions

Marsh Ltd
  • HSB Construction All Risks Insurance (annual or project) | Provides comprehensive cover for construction, buildings and civil engineering projects
  • HSB Contractors' Plant Insurance (owned or hired-in) | Provides protection for unforeseen loss or damage to construction plant and equipment


The top five influences impacting the UK construction market

  • HSB Machinery and Technology Insurance | An equipment breakdown and damage, deterioration of stock, and business interruption policy all in one
  • HSB Machinery and Technology Combined | An equipment breakdown and damage, deterioration of stock and loss of business income insurance policy which also includes inspection services
HSB Machinery and Technology Insurance
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  • HSB Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance | A policy covering damage caused by an inherent defect in insured property that existed prior to its practical completion.
HSB Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance
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