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Providing further-enhanced engineering and technology-related products, with a wider range of choices and options for your clients

We're proud to be working with Marsh Commercial to provide innovative engineering and technology insurance and inspection solutions.

Covering a broad range of technologies and industry sectors, our specialist underwriters, engineers and claims teams collectively utilise their extensive experience and technical expertise to provide expert advice, training and assistance should the worst happen.

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Why choose HSB?

HSB, part of Munich Re, is a leading specialist provider of engineering and technology insurance and inspection services.

With a financial strength rating of A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company, we are the UK-based arm of Hartford Steam Boiler; a leading global provider of specialty insurance, inspection services and engineering consulting with a heritage built up over 150 years.

We have the highest level of technical accreditations and are members of various specialist technical organisations, which includes our inspection services in the UK accredited by UKAS (to ISO 17020:1998).

We are a member of the Institute of Customer Service, demonstrating our commitment to continually improving customer service performance and professionalism.

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Talking points

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HSB Computer Insurance

The working landscape changed significantly in 2020, where working from home became the new norm for millions of employees.

With less time now spent working in designated offices and premises, what should businesses be thinking about in terms of managing their computer equipment risks?

HSB launches new Consultancy Services

Providing businesses with improved analysis of their equipment, and health and safety practices:

  • Equipment Condition and Performance Services
  • Vertical Transportation Servics
  • Health and Safety Services
Additional talking points are currently under development.

We offer enhanced commission to Marsh Commercial

Insurance - all products 38.5%
Inspection - all products 26%

Products and services

In addition to our standard products and services, we also offer enhanced products and services to Marsh Commercial.

Enhanced products: Insurance

HSB Computer Insurance | A commercial product designed specifically to offer protection for computer-related risks.

The policy is split into four sections of cover, providing customers with the flexibility to choose the level of cover they need.

HSB Computer Insurance is also available to you on Acturis, or via our extranet trading system; enabling you to quote and bind policies with ease.
Product brochure download (Computer) (PDF, 732 KB)


Increased policy limits for:

  1. Extra hardware - £1,000,000
  2. Extra hire or lease costs - £100,000
  3. Fire brigade charges – £100,000
  4. Recovery of hardware - £100,000
  5. Security guard costs - £100,000

Additional covers:

  1. Energy efficiency improvements following a claim – 10% of replacement cost or sum insured, whichever is the less
  2. Debris removal – £100,000
  3. Investigation costs - £100,000
  4. Recovery reward - £100,000

Our construction products are also available to you via the Acturis e-trading platform; enabling you to quote and bind cover, process mid-term adjustments and obtain renewal terms with ease.


Construction All Risks Insurance

Annual: Contract Works, Own Plant, Hired-In Plant, Employees' Tools and Personal Effects, and Machinery Movement

Project: Contract Works, Advanced Loss of Profits, Own Plant, Hired-In Plant, Employees’ Tools and Personal Effects, and Machinery Movement

  1. Cover for testing and commissioning
  2. Removal of the application of heat clause
  3. Addition of the marine transit 50/50 clause
  4. Owned Plant - Restated of "How much we will pay" from 2 year's old to 3 year's old.
  5. Employees tools covered away from contract sites
  6. Machinery Movement – definition of transit includes roll-on roll-off ferry
  7. Cover for plans and documents - £50,000
  8. Cover for professional fees - £50,000
  9. Damage to security devices - £5,000
  10. Damage to that substitute equipment following a loss - £50,000
  11. Additional cost of construction - 10% of the contract price or £200,000
  12. Fuel tank drainage - £2,500
  13. Own surrounding property - £25,000
  14. Sign writing or livery - £5,000
  15. Transportation of damaged insured property - £25,000

HSB Contractors' Plant Insurance

  1. Owned Plant - Restated of "How much we will pay" from 2 year's old to 3 year's old.
  2. Damage to security devices - £5,000
  3. Damage to that substitute equipment following a loss - £50,000
  4. Fuel tank drainage - £2,500
  5. Own surrounding property - £25,000
  6. Sign writing or livery - £5,000

HSB Machinery and Technology Insurance | An equipment breakdown and damage, deterioration of stock, and business interruption policy all in one
Product brochure download (MTI) (PDF, 1.7 MB)

HSB Machinery and Technology Combined | An equipment breakdown and damage, deterioration of stock and loss of business income insurance policy which also includes inspection services
Product brochure download (MTC) (PDF, 1.7 MB)


Increased policy limits for:

  1. Building Management Systems – restoration of data - £100,000
  2. Temporary removal – worldwide - £100,000
  3. Deterioration of Stock – cover for failure of electricity network at the insured location

Additional cover:

  1. Deterioration of Stock - refrigerated vehicles - £10,000

Standard products: Insurance

HSB Cyber Insurance | A computer, data and cyber insurance policy all in one; providing comprehensive cover for small and medium-sized businesses. With six sections of cover available, our policy is designed to offer protection from cyber risks which could be damaging to a business and its reputation, such as data recovery following a hardware failure or full scale data breach.
Product brochure download (Cyber) (PDF, 1.1 MB)
HSB Machinery Inherent Defects Insurance | A policy covering damage caused by an inherent defect in insured property that existed prior to its practical completion.
Product brochure download (MIDI) (PDF, 996 KB)

HSB Energy Efficiency Insurance | Designed for investors in energy conservation measures, Energy Service Companies and those financing energy saving projects

Product brochure download (EEI) (PDF, 1.7 MB)

Standard products: Inspection

We provide inspection services in the role of ‘Competent Person’ for all service areas in which we are accredited by UKAS to ‘ISO/IEC 17020 - In-Service Inspection Bodies’; carried out by our network of competent, technically-experienced engineer surveyors.

Our complete solutions for your customers' equipment and health and safety practices reduce risks, costs, and keep their businesses compliant.

We know every business is different, which is why we’ve designed our consultancy services in modules; providing customers with the option to select what they need, when they need it.

Equipment Condition and Performance Services | Reducing breakdown, maintenance and energy costs | Five modules available | Product brochure download

Vertical Transportation Services | Improving lift and escalator efficiencies, reducing maintenance and energy costs | Seven modules available | Product brochure download

Health and Safety Services | Improving workplace health and safety management systems and practices | Five modules available | Product brochure download

Employers and the self-employed are bound by the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (EAW), made under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, to maintain all electrical systems and apparatus and to provide proof they have done so. Landlords have further obligations under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 to ensure that goods are checked before the tenant takes them over.

HSB is a leading specialist provider of engineering inspection services in the UK and Ireland. Our services are formally accredited by UKAS to the international standards ISO/IEC 17020. Our electrical inspection reports include, within agreed limitations, observations and recommendations, schedules of test results on all circuits and an assessment of the condition of the installation.


A range of our products are available to trade on the Acturis open market solution.
Video tutorial: Accessing HSB's e-trade products on Acturis
Overview video: HSB's development of our e-trade offerings

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